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Certified Piano Teacher BA(Hons), LRSM(TD), CTABRSM, ATCL(TD), LTCL(TD), AMusTCL, LMusTCL, DipLCM

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Education and Professional Achievements:

A graduate from University of Hong Kong, Department of Music, Mr. Thoman Tam studied piano performance with eminent teacher Mr. Gabriel Kwok at APA(HK) and Mr.Chan Wah Yat privately. 


Thoman Tam has been awarded:

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music


Licentiate Piano Teaching Diploma – LRSM(TD)


Certificate of Teaching - CTABRSM


Advanced Certificate in Piano

Wiener Musik-Prüfungskommission (Vienna Music Examination Board)


Certified Tutor (Music Theory)
From Elementary Grade to Advanced Grade
 Certified Tutor No. CT#20111

Certified Tutor (Piano)
From Elementary Grade to Performance Grade III
 Certified Tutor No. CT#20110


Trinity College London

ATCL (Associate Teachers Diploma)


ATCL (Associate Piano Recital Diploma)

LTCL (Licentiate Diploma in Solo Piano Teaching)


AMusTCL (Associate Diploma in Musical Theory, Criticism and Literature)

LMusTCL (Licentiate Diploma in Music Literacy)

Performers Certificate in Pianoforte


(Diploma of the London College of Music and Drama)

DipLCM in Pianoforte


International Workshops (Graz, Austria)

Certificate of Achievement in Piano
(International Workshops, 1996 and 2000, Graz, Austria)

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.)
University of Hong Kong, Department of Music




Students Results:

Besides graded examination candidates, Thoman Tams students include successful candidates in DipLCM, ALCM, Performers Certificate, ATCL(Distinction), LTCL(Distinction), FTCL, DipABRSM(Distinction), LRSM(High Pass) and FRSM(Distinction).

Two Grand Pianos:
Thoman Tam is currently teaching with TWO
grand pianos at his private studio located at Kowloon Bay.  The venue is assisted with hundreds of piano scores and over 3000 music documents as well as CDs, LPs, DVDs and other audio achive.

Live CD-Recording Enable: 
The teaching studio is equipped with live-recording system.  This enables teachers and students performance to be instantly recorded onto a CD.  Details of a performance could be enhanced by careful listening to the playbacks of the high quality recordings. The system is supported by Krell KAV-300i, Rogers P-24, KEF 3/5a, Kawai PR-1 Accoustic Piano Recording System, California Audio Labs Delta and Sigma II Tube Analogue Processor and other professional sounding equipments.  Students can make their own CD album when they are ready to record a live performance after sufficient preparation.  The making of CD is given to students at FREE OF EXTRA CHARGE

Solo Piano Recitals:
  In 1989, 1996 and 2001, Mr. Tam performed in solo piano recitals at Hong Kong City Hall, Space Museum and Science Museum.

Composer of Music:
Mr. Thoman Tam wrote music for various music institutions .  His choral composition was performed at Hong Kong Cultural Centre in 2003 and received warm acclaim.  Mr. Tams compositional teachers included famous composers Doming Lam and Dr. Chan
Wing Wah.

Teacher and Accompanist:
 Mr. Tam is currently teaching at the HKU Graduate Association Primary School and The Hong Kong Childrens Choir.


Contact Us 

Thoman Tam 81018705

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