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     musical instrument

鋼琴女導師 (屯門區) – 現招收學生,可於導師家中上課或上門教授, 授課語言 可用廣東話、 英語 、普通話。(Whatsapp:96633680) 鋼琴老師 | 演奏 | 學琴

鋼琴女導師 (屯門區) – 現招收學生,可於導師家中上課或上門教授, 授課語言 可用廣東話、 英語 、普通話。(Whatsapp:96633680) 鋼琴老師 | 演奏 | 學琴

私人教授鋼琴 (屯門區)


屯門區 - 女鋼琴導師招收學生, 免費面試/免費試堂 ,了解學生程度後, 才開始上課

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導師資歷 :

  orange,hand,finger,line,font英國皇家音樂學院教師文憑【DipABRSM (Teaching)】

  orange,hand,finger,line,font英國皇家音樂學院教學證書【CT ABRSM】

  orange,hand,finger,line,font英國皇家音樂學院八級鋼琴證書【ABRSM G8 Piano】

  orange,hand,finger,line,font英國皇家音樂學院八級樂理證書【ABRSM G8 Theory】

  orange,hand,finger,line,font香港浸會大學持續教育學院 - 幼兒音樂教育文憑【Diploma in Early Childhood Music Education】

  orange,hand,finger,line,font香港浸會大學持續教育學院 - 幼兒音樂教育專業證書【Professional Certificate in Early Childhood Music Education】

  orange,hand,finger,line,font奧福一級證書【ANCOS Orff Level 1】



orange,hand,finger,line,font 有10年以上教授琴鋼琴經驗
orange,hand,finger,line,font 有愛心、耐性
orange,hand,finger,line,font 曾在琴行任教及私人教授
orange,hand,finger,line,font 教授五級樂理經驗
orange,hand,finger,line,font 教授學生由小童至成人不等

* 所有課程保送英國皇家音樂學院考試, 另可代購鋼琴/琴書



星期一至星期五: 晚上

星期六: 全日

星期日: 上午


Graded music exam ABRSM KEE YEUNG Presented by Grade Marks 2 he C30 (20) B3 A Jalanced ans 27 and, dat 30 (20) 30 (20) VScales and arpes cale attema ee Unaccompanied re erroM d raditional song GROuP 21 C4) Quick study veil lone! 21 (14) Aural tests ake ơtzar' re.en wo were .accuma 18 (12) Additional comments if needed Total 13 6 Maximum (Pass) 150 (00) luck 130 This form records the result of an exam held onc 20May 2017 Examiner code: The Associated Boand of the Rayal Charty repisened in England & Wales 2921820 and Sctland (3C0433430 seed ofice 4 London l Pl,London ECZY SA Telehne -44 00120 7636 5400 am.acukww.abrum.a,text,font,paper,document,lineGraded music exam ABRSM Candidate Presented by Subject PIANO Grade Marks 26 aHA 30 120 Your plan y was nfident and all was 30 1201 The herformah a ener(ド1) addc lo, he lish.and wa S 28 huve flair wowl hane n iea 30 120) scales and arpeggios、 ont res?nses were 9 traditional song 21 114) 门 clear 21 114 Aural tests Sma SRo 16 18 1121 Additional comments if needed Total 13 o Maximum IPassl 150 [1001 Pass Merit Sophic 100 120 130 This form records the result of an exam held on: 06 Sep /2016 Examiner code: A 2 2I Chanity registre Schoos of egistendofice 26 Parland Place, Landon W 1LU Teleghone0270 7636 5400 Eailrm.ac.k www.brm 15 0001 S40,text,font,line,paper,document山 ABRSM Graded music exam Candidate Presented by Subject Grade Marks 30 120 30 120 2.3 30 1201 Scales and arpeggios traditional song Nott-wane. 叩。 ' 21 114 Sight-reading land transpositionl quick study Aural tests 21 114l l6 Additional comments if needed Total o aeal Mes ti Maximum IPas) 150 1100 Pass 100 130 This form records the result of an exam held on 2 May > Examiner code c' / . The Associabed Board af the Royal Schools ot Music A company registered with timited liablity in England and Wales No. 1926395 Registered as a Charity Na. 292182 Registered effice: 24 Pertland Place, Londen W18 1LU Telephone 44 18120 74365400 Email abrsmaarsm.a.uk www.abrsm.eng,text,font,line,paper,documentGraded music exam LI ABRSM Candidate Presented by YEUNG Subject A2 PIANO Grade 2 Marks 30 120 貂9hausen.good dyna uue muetawing ae 30 120) 30 120 Sales and arpeggios hess Me 써h.aew Atene ¢ traditional song 21 114) Quick study 21 114) Aural tests /6 Additional comments if needed smanMamum (Passl 150 (10 130 This form records the result of an exam held on: 07 May/2015 Examiner code: A Theasscated Bnd the Royal Schools Msic A compuny regsered with imibedblEngland and Wales No.,text,font,paper,line,document


Whatsapp/電話: 9663 3680 (Ms Yeung)

電郵: [email protected]
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鋼琴, 樂理
星期一, 星期二, 星期三, 星期四, 星期五, 星期六, 星期日, 公眾假期, 其他
其他, 上門教授, 私人教授, 自組小組
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