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澳洲回流專業鋼琴老師-06年於澳洲獲頒最傑出演奏獎並被當地傳媒採訪 鋼琴老師 | 學琴 | 鋼琴演奏

鋼琴老師 | 鋼琴演奏 | 學鋼琴



  * 畢業於澳洲南昆士蘭州大學的音樂系,主修鋼琴演奏, 以同屆最高榮譽畢業。
  * 其中協奏曲演奏及鋼琴獨奏兩科均以High-distintion(最高榮譽)畢業

  * 師承榮獲澳洲七大最傑出音樂老師之一的
Professor Wendy Lorenz (澳洲音樂考試協會A.M.E.B之主考官)。
 於1999 至 2001年間, 曾擔任香港中西區兒童合唱團之伴奏。 
  * 2005 年獲南昆士蘭州當地機構邀請, 於莫札特誕辰音樂會擔任表演嘉賓
  * 於 2006 年獲當地最傑出演奏獎,並被當地傳媒報章採訪。
  * 於 2008 年獲邀飛往法國巴黎,擔任該屆國際低音大提琴比賽之伴奏。


9314 6233 陳老師聯絡。


 Qualification and Acknowledgement : 

  • Ms Chan gained her Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Southern Queensland and graduated with high-distinction in both piano performance and concerto study.
  • She learned from professor Wendy Lorenz, who was also one of the Federal Examiners in the Australian Music Examination Board (A.M.E.B).
  • In 2005, Ms Chan was invited to perform in the Celebration of Mozarts Birthday Concert in Southern Queensland, Australia.   
  • In 2006, she was awarded for the MOST OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE in the local concerto concert and was interviewed by the local newspaper.
  • In 2008, Ms Chan was invited as an accompanist to play in the international doublebass competition held in the Paris Conservatory.
  • In October 2010, she was invited as an accompanist to play in the international doublebass help in Berlin.
All of the above information can be provided immediately as request. 
I have a lot of experience in both teaching and performance.
Any level and age are welcome. Lessons can be conducted in Cantonese, Mandarin or English.
Please feel free to contact Ms Chan (9314 6233) for any further enquires.

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Graded music exam Candidate Presented by JOANNA CHAN ABRSM HONG SHEK NING SHAREN Grade Marks PIANO 27 30 1201 C3 30 120 Scales and arpeggios Stah ad deere; Unaccompanied traditional ㄇ song 21 1141 Quick study 21 (14) Aural tests 18 1121 Additional comments if needed Total 125 Maximum (Passl 150 1100 100 120 130 Pass This form records the resuilt of an exam held on: 17/Oct 2014 Examiner code:,text,handwriting,font,writing,document Graded music exam Candidate Presented by ABRSM LAW WAI HA MAND Grade Marks 3 170 21 20 120 Scales and arpepios A ae ant traditional song quich study 21 1141 Auraf bests 悒(12) Total 133 s if needecd Maximum IPass) 150 no0 100 Ment Distioction This farm records the resuiltl of an exam held on 07 November 2013 Esaminer code Noas 2APEds W TU Teleoe 44 0120 7434 540 Eml m.ac.ma,text,handwriting,document,material,font

WHAT'S up Concert farewell music lecturer retires his baton USQ music lecturer retires his batorn Ergin,text,poster,advertising,
Interviewed by the local newspaper
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與恩師Professor Wendy Lorenz之合照
Photo with my piano teacher, Wendy Lorenz
1/06/2006,social group,formal wear,dress,beauty,lady 
with other 5 soloists performed in the concerto concert

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獲邀接受電視傳媒訪問, 錄製關於音樂和教學心得的節目
TV Interview in 2013


group photo after my students concert
鋼琴, 樂理
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