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演奏級導師長笛. 牧童笛教授, 考試錄音服務. English private lesson in flute, recorder. recording service for exam

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長笛牧童笛鋼琴樂理. 演奏級program notes. 私人教授
FluteRecorderPianoTheory. Diploma program notes. English private lesson

         - 已考獲英國聖三一音樂學院長笛演奏級,皇家音樂學院8級長笛, 鋼琴, 牧童笛 。
           ATCL in flute (Trinity College), Grade 8 in Flute, Piano, Recorder (ABRSM)

         - 畢業於香港演藝學院及香港大學。 
            Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts & The University of Hong Kong

          - 15年教授經驗, 包括小學興趣班導師, 琴行及私人授課。
            15 years teachings experiences         

         - 曾為港島五星級酒店任全職長笛樂師,並參與不同類型演出活動。
            Flute performer in 5-stars hotel, and perform in various events.

         - 學生於公開考試及比賽中屢獲優異成績。
           Students achieved distinction in various competition and exam.

           - 提供演出及比賽機會
            Provide opportunity for performance and competition.



Professional recording for students' exam


  • 現在Trinity 考試要提交視像影片, 因此為學生設計了錄錄影服務,我們的studio約300尺,設有upright 採用 professional grade mic、錄音及錄影器材, 並由取得專業資格的engineer負責錄音剪片,整個過程更會由教授樂器逾10年的經驗導師監製,保證符合考試要求。
    Video and audio recording service especially designed for music exam. 300 sq feet studio with upright piano and professional recording equipments, recorded by certified engineer and produced by expereinced instrument teacher.

  • 後期製作包括剪片(只剪靚頭尾及sync 聲,不會tune聲加效果以保持真聲),壓縮檔案(for upload 上考試局),以及保送原檔給學生作reference profile 之用。
    Post-production includes AV syncronization (no tuning and effect as to keep originality), compressed file for upload to exam authoority and original file for students as reference profile.

  • 如學生已有演奏地方,只欠錄音器材,可以提供到場錄音服務
    Provide on-site recording service

  • 學生需要三角琴,可以代book有9 尺Steinway三角琴的舞台。
    Arrange booking for stage with Steinway grand piano

  • 以下是我們的錄音demo, 可以參考一下
    visit here for our demo recording
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有意學樂器或錄音,請電或whatsapp: 98113489
For lesson or recording enquires, please call or whatsapp: 98113489
Miss Ng



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