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•FRSM and LRSM in Oboe Performance
•英語, 廣東話或普通話授課



"Leung Wai Kit is one professional oboist and coach from all aspects.  He helps me a lot to understand the history of oboe and famous pieces from baroque to modern period, and points out my bad habits in playing oboe with very high requirement and shares efficient ways to correct them.  He also helps me understand how to find the right tone colour for oboe solos from different orchestral pieces. He is also an expert on oboe’s infrastructure with very solid mechanism knowledge, can help to troubleshoot the common as well as hard issues on oboe. I am glad to learn a lot from him and hope we can keep enjoying the fun together in double reed music."







"Mr. Leung introduced our son to the bassoon, and helped him to build a strong foundation and encouraged him greatly.  After Mr. Leung moved back to Hong Kong, we were forced to engage a new teacher, Mr. Illiev, who remarked how well our son was prepared.  Our son is now in his competitive high school wind ensemble and is doing well.  I can recommend Mr. Leung highly." 



"Wai Kit Leung was my son’s beginning bassoon teacher for several years. Wai Kit was a dedicated, sincere and inspiring teacher for our son. We only wish he could still be here in California for lessons. Wai Kit’s tutelage provided our son with a very strong foundation in the instrument and he now plays successfully at a higher level. Wai Kit was also very helpful in advising us about bassoon purchase, maintenance and reed and other accessory purchases. Even though he lives on another continent from us now, he still keeps in frequent touch with us and inquires about our son’s playing and progress." 



A list of some of my teachers:

Maurice Bourgue (Professor, Paris Conservatory and Geneva Conservatory. Former Principal Oboe of Orchestre de Paris)
Hansjorg Schellenberger (Former Principal Oboe of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra)
Alex Klein (Former Principal Oboe of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra)
Elaine Douvas (Head of Woodwinds, Julliard. Principal Oboe of the Metropolitan Opera in New York)
David Walter (Professor, Paris Conservatory)
Philippe Magnan
Roger Cole (Principal Oboe, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra)
Harald Hörth (Principal Oboe, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra)

Baroque Oboe:
Frank de Bruine (Principal Oboe, Orchestra of the 18th Century)
Stephen Hammer (Principal Oboe, Handel and Haydn Society)
Gonzalo Ruiz (Instructor, Julliard School of Music)
Sand Dalton (Soloist and instrument maker)

Rufus Olivier (Principal Bassoon, San Francisco Opera)
Allan Thorpe (Bassoon, Vancouver Opera)
Gilbert Audin (Professor, Paris Conservatory; Solo Bassoon, Paris Opera)

John Tyson (Faculty, New England Conservatory and Boston University)
Dan Laurin (International soloist)
Saskia Coolen (International soloist)
Mathias Maute (International soloist)
Paul Leenhouts (Professor, Sweelinck Conservatory)

Renaissance Winds:
Herb Meyers (Instructor, Stanford University)

Hal Stein (Instructor, Stanford University)


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