Hong Kong Tango Studies

Kam Ping Hiller was born in Hong Kong and has resided, studied arts and worked as museum educationist in Germany for 18 years before returning to her home town.

She started dancing Tango Argentino in Cologne, Germany since 1999.

Later she joined the tango club Tango Tang in Hong Kong and took some lessons with the visiting teachers.

In 2000 she decided to make Tango her profession and went to Buenos Aires for the first time to study Tango with the famous maestros Osvaldo Zotto (1963-2010) and Lorena Ermocida.

Since then, she has been visiting Buenos Aires for 6 times, once a year for two to three months each time, to further her training as tango instructor under the instruction of the maestros. The maestros Osvaldo and Lorena were described as one of the most prestigious couple are renowned for their combination of precision, elegance and emotion in their dance.

Kam Ping has also studied ballet, yoga and learnt Chinese folk dances as a child.

She has been giving regular classes on Tango since 2003 in Hong Kong. She also organises milongas on a bi-monthly basic in clubs in Hong Kong, like FCC (the Foreign Correspondence Club) and KCC (the Kowloon Cricket Club) as well as at other prestige public clubs.

Since 2007, she has been hosting a weekly Milonga at Xperience Bar-Restaurant in Wanchai, Hong Kong.

She has been invited to perform for private functions and for charity shows, such as fund raising parties for Tung Wah Hopistal, Pok Oi Hospital etc.

Since January, 2006, she has found with her students the Hong Kong Tango Studies Association to promote and to teach Tango Argentino, the elegant style. Since then, the Association has successfully organized many Tango Events and Workshops with invited world renowned Tango masters, such as Alejandro Hermida with Paula Bellasteros, Milena Plebs with David Alejandro Paol, just to name a few.

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Dicky Wong

born in Hong Kong. Self employed and runs a software development business.
Started dancing Tango in 2002 under the instructions of Sunshine and Keith.
At the same time, took lessons with Kam Ping for about one year.
2002 till now, took also many private and group lessons with Argentina Tango teachers visiting Hong Kong.

From 2005 to 2011, travelled to Tokyo, Japan & Taipei, Taiwan as well as to Rome, Torino in Italy to join the Tango Festivals for dancing and learning.

Performed with Kam Ping, Amenda and Sunshine in private parties, Culture Center, Shatin Town Hall, and in TVB television shows from 2005 to 2006.
From 2006 to 2009, taught at Hong Kong Tango Academy and Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions.

Hosted a very successful Milonga, the Friday Milonga at Sunshine’s Studio with Eric and Mann from 2007-2010.

Since October, 2011, hosts the Fusion Alternative Milonga every first Monday of the month.

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