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開心網上學法文 Zoom French lesson Level A1-B1 with Madame Ka

更新於: 2024-01-19 刊登者: c621621 已驗證
星期一, 星期二, 星期三, 星期四, 星期五, 星期六, 星期日, starting from 15:00 because of time difference

I am Madame Ka. I am graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and I am a holder a postgraduate teaching diploma of Baptist University. I teach English and French online. From 2017-2019 I worked as a secondary school teacher in Hong Kong. Currently I am living in France and I have achieved level B2 in French at Université Bordeaux Montaigne. I started to teach online language classes since 2019. I have online students from Hong Kong, Germany and Vietnam. Teaching language is my passion because I love to communicate and help youngsters. My teaching experience and love for languages can definitely help you improve the language you are working with. I am very experienced in working with teenagers and young people despite the distance. Homework and notes will be provided. I have been teaching French on Zoom for 2 years. I can help you improve your pronunciation, grammar and listening in French.

- $250 per hour

- Materials and E-books will be provided

- I am very passionate in teaching

- I am a language lover. I understand the difficulty you're going through!

- Zoom lesson allows my students to understand even more because I always speak French and type them out at the same time

Feel free to contact me on whatsapp or email. À très bientôt!

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