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外藉英語老師 澳洲醫生 IELTS 専家,Native English speaker, English tutor IELTS 補習 移民 英語、Ielts ,celpip,

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Hello, Students.

I'm Lucy, a native English speaker from Sydney, Australia who is here to help you achieve the best IELTS score in the shortest period of time.

Teaching is my passion and I have more that 12 years experience tutoring English and have held over 50 IELTS preparation workshop in Sydney. All study material are provided and I have my own set of notes for the speaking part. Most students who have gone through all my speaking practices have achieved at least a 7 in speaking.

Mock exams will also be held and feedback given, so that you will be confident and achieve the best results. My students have achieved fantastic results and successfully gained the required scores to apply for residency/visas in other countries or University.

I am based in Lohas Park.

If interested please contact me at +852 6144 0604


大家好, 我是Lucy 老師, 是一個能夠幫助你於最短時間以最有效方法取得最高IELTS 成積的英語母語老師。

本人擁有超過十二年以上的英語教學經驗, 並於澳洲悉尼曾教學超過五十個學生順利學習本人提供的IELTS 課程, 並成功通過IELTS 的考試。

本人將提供獨家的教學材料及獨家會話教學筆記予學生學習, 經過本人的會話訓練的大部分學生都已經於IELTS 會話考試中取得7分以上的滿意成績。 本人亦會提供模擬考試及就此提供即時評語及改善建議, 令學生更有信心及有充足準備取得最佳成績。 於多名取得最佳成績的學生中, 大部分學生都因此成功符合及取得其他國家永久居民身份資格/或大學資格。

本人現時居於日出康城, 亦於其他地區有提供教學。

如有興趣及任何疑問, 請聯絡+852 6144 0604。

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