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    PTE Academic PTE Academic is a computer-based test designed to test your English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The test takes approximately three hours to complete. This includes an un-timed introduction to the test and one optional scheduled break of up to 10 minutes. There are three timed parts: Part 1: Speaking and Writing Part 2: Reading Part 3: Listening Each part may contain a number of sections. Each section is individually timed. Time allowed Part Content Intro Introduction Not timed Speaking and Writing Reading 77-93 minutes Part 1 Part 2 32-41 minutes Optional Scheduled Break Part 3 Listening 45-57 minutes  Text,Font,Line
    07 September 2018 03 September 2020 Overall Score: 90 The Overall Score for the PTE Academic is based on the test taker's performance on all items in the test. The scores for Communicative Skills and Enabling Skills are based on the test taker's performance on only those items that pertain to these skills specifically. As many items contribute to more than one Communicative or Enabling Skill, the Overall Score cannot be computed directly from the Communicative Skill scores or from the Enabling Skill scores. The graph below indicates this test taker's Communicative Skills and Enabling Skills relative to his or her Overall Score. When comparing the Overall Score and the scores for Communicative Skills and Enabling Skills, please be aware that there is some imprecision in all measurement, depending on a variety of factors. For more information on interpreting PTE Academic scores, please refer to Interpreting the PTE Academic Score Report which is available at www.pearsonpte.com/pteacademi Text,Blue,Font,Line,Parallel

一對一精讀班: PTE Academic 英文補習

1⃣   成績: PTE 90 分 (滿分, 如圖). IELTS 8.5
2⃣   背景: 碩士生, 曾居澳洲 10 年. 現職四大會計師樓. 因澳洲移民而考 PTE
3⃣   內容: 考試策略 - 可針對聽講寫讀或單一考卷 (e.g. Speaking), 補習時會包括 notes 及 past paper 真題
4⃣   費用: 首堂半價 $350/hour,其後 $700/hour

1:1 PTE Fast-track Tutoring Programme

1⃣   Score: PTE 90 (full score - see photo). IELTS 8.5
2⃣   Background: Postgraduate holder, with 10 years of experience in Australia. Currently working in a big 4 accounting firm. Had to do PTE Academic for migration purpose
3⃣   Lesson Focus: Exam strategy for all/one single module (e.g. Speaking). Study notes/exam past paper will be provided
4⃣   Fee: Half price (i.e. $350/hour) for the first trial lesson, full price ($700/hour) for subsequent lessons

P.S. Tackling PTE is all about having the right STRATEGY. I've been there and believe I could help you achieve your goal in just a few lessons time, it’s also a lot easier than IELTS so do feel free to text me for a quick chat, especially for those of you who are interested to do this for Australia migration. :)

- Liz (6632 7640)

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PTE Academic
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