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We are offering English Lessons for both elementary and intermediate adult students. Our classes mainly focus on the use of English and spoken English. In our classes you will learn all the basic grammatical rules of English and a wide range of vocabulary which enable you to communicate effectively with native English speakers. All the learning materials are carefully designed both by experienced qualified English teachers and native English speakers and are provided at no extra cost at all. All the lessons are conducted in British English. Typically there is one class a week on a weekday or Sunday and at the end of each month the class will be run by a native English speaking Teacher. You will be able to apply what you have learnt and build up your English-speaking confidence. Our teachers are both professional cheerful and helpful. Coffee is also provided free of charge in our lessons. Each class is just $200 on the Kowloon side. Just sign up for our classes and enjoy building up your second language and better still create a better career path for yourself.

我們提供英語學習課給中,初級學生. 主要教授文法及英語口語,每星期一堂由熱情有經驗的英語老師教授.每月最後一堂由外籍老師教授、練習口語提高日常口語技能,所有教學具是精心設計免費提供,每堂只需$120,免費coffee提供,上課地點是港島區教室,歡迎查詢 whatsapp 62137614 !!!!!





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