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南美導師: Spanish 西班牙語一對一/小班教授

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  • 塞萬提斯學院認可的西班牙語考官
  • 超過6年的國際教學經驗
  • 在香港教授過初中/小學興趣班, 一對一上門教授
  • 幫助學生在DELE 考試中獲得佳績 
  • 厄瓜多爾的西班牙語被公認為口音最清晰


可私人上門教授,或自組小班上課。歡迎whatsapp查詢: 6027 3025 中英皆可,中文回覆會較慢)

Email: [email protected]


Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world.  These Spanish classes are always interactive to suit the children’s need, filled with music, games, videos and practical exercises.  Your child will surely leave the course loving Spanish more!

Teacher Daniel is a native Spanish speaker from Ecuador, Latin America. 

  • Official Spanish examiner certified by the Cervantes Institute. 
  • With over 6 years of international education experience
  • Taught after-school Spanish classes in primary and secondary schools of Hong Kong, as well as private classes at home
  • Helped students gain good results in DELE
  • Ecuadorian Spanish is well-known for its clear accent 

Daniel is very skilled at creating interactive materials that allow your child to learn happily.

Private or small group classes are available, please enquire through whatsapp 6027 3025

Email: [email protected]

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