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Native English Teacher (英語老師), IELTS (雅思備試)

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師 資:來自澳洲悉尼,以英語為母語,逾十年教學經驗,包括大班成人教學及私人授課(IELTS、商務溝通及應用英語)。曾於香港大學專業進修學院任四年講 師。應用語言學碩士,畢業於Macquarie University。持劍橋英語教師認證(英國劍橋大學ESOL考試院所授證)能操日語及基本粵語。老師富有耐心、和藹可親、熱心教學。

Private lessons for IELTS preparation (1-2 students).


I have ten years of experience training groups of adults and individual students in IELTS, Business Communications, General English, and more, including 4 years as a lecturer at HKU SPACE.  I hold a master degree in Applied Linguistics (Teaching English for Specific Purposes) with a distinction average from Macquarie University, Sydney.


With expert knowledge of the IELTS test, I help students to quickly and confidently improve their scores in any of the four tests they choose to focus on: speaking, writing, listening, or reading test.​  Candidates should see their band score improve by 0.5-1 in any one area (such as speaking or writing task 2 essay) with 6-8 hours of lessons.


For the writing test, students are shown how to answer questions by receiving step-by-step training in appropriate structure, content and language for the task; demonstrations through model answers; and feedback during lessons on their own answers (either brought to class or written by the student during the lesson) on how to improve their scores in all four areas of the Writing Band Descriptors. The course may cover training on essays for writing task 2, as well as graphs/diagrams for task 1 Academic module, or letters for task 1 of the General Training module, according to the needs of the student.


For the speaking test, I help to prepare students by providing them with a large list of questions on topics that are commonly found in the speaking test and designed to cover a range of functions tested. I conduct practice tests with the student exactly as the real test would be conducted, and provide expert feedback on their performance each time to quickly improve their score in all four areas of the IELTS band score descriptors.


For the reading and listening tests, students may receive training to avoid common mistakes and traps, and to develop useful strategies. Students may also take practice tests (during the lesson or for homework) to become more familiar with the nature of the tests and to see improvements in their scores.


Students receive copies of all course materials free of charge. All practice tests are sourced from the official Cambridge IELTS Examinations series. Additional tests are available from other publishers if required.


To avoid the cost of classroom hire, candidate’s normally choose to have the lessons at a cafe, their home or office etc.

Alternatively, lessons may be conducted remotely via Skype (for a slightly discounted rate).


想要更多的資料及價錢查詢,請瀏覽 / For further information including pricing, please visit www.hkieltsteacher.com.


For enquiries or bookings, please contact Grant Richardson:

Phone or Whatsapp : 9455 8561
E-mail: [email protected]



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