) 100 Common Conjunctions English Study Here Conjunction is a word used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause. s In fact o In short In spite of Thereafter o Therefore o Nonetheless A minute later o Accordingly o But Now Consequently o Conversely Thirg Of equal importanceThus Actually o After oEqually importantIn spite of this o In summary To be specific o On the contrary o On the following day To begin with After a short timeFinally o Afterwards Also And First For example For instance In the end In the meanwhile O On the other hand To illustrate s In the meantime o Other hand o Presently o Similarly To repeat o To sum up o For this purpose In the same manner Or Another As an example As a consequenceFourth As a result As soon as At last At nght o In the same way o Just as important uSecond Too o Ultimately o What o Whatever o Whoever o Whereas o Whomever o When o While o With this in mind For this reason From here on Further Least Last Since ere Last  Text,Font,Line,Number,
I am an English, mathematics, and university business/IT course tutor with experience in assisting local and Mandarin-speaking students in their essay homework for English, science, and humanities studies courses.
Other than tutoring English, mathematics, and business writing (includes writings for school and university admission letter and scholarship letter), I help students prepare application essays for EMBA program and assignment essays for some university business and business-related IT courses (e.g. Artificial Intelligence (AI): Implications for Business Strategy program from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and fintech program from The University of Oxford) that are a little difficult for average university graduate students under time and word count restrictions.
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