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u2000 - 本公司自2000成立,主要從事日本流行禮品及扭蛋之代理及貼紙相機之相關業務,包括分賬合作、代理買賣、配件、提供保養及技術支援等。

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本公司自2000成立,主要從事日本流行禮品及扭蛋之代理及貼紙相機之相關業務,包括分賬合作、代理買賣、配件、提供保養及技術支援等。此外,我們亦為金快達有限公司 (Goldfinder (HK) Ltd.) 的合作夥伴,在提供上述產品服務外,亦有日本及中國之遊戲機、獎品機、彩票機、推幣機等消閒玩樂設施之代理買賣,配合市場需要和客戶業務拓展。

U2000 established in the millennium year and mainly engaged in the sale of different Japan trendy gifts. Our wide spectrum of service are including original cooperation, agent sale and product support. As a business partner with Goldfinder (HK) Ltd., u2000 not only provides above services, but also the distributor of leisure facilities from Japan and China to suit the market and business development.


u2000 is the pioneer to bring in the most popular dolls (Rilakkuma) to the market, we own the right of property of all goods sold and provide 100% guarantee on the product quality.


We imported different types of sticker cameras in order to fulfill the needs of different market sectors. Customer can select ideal image with with friends and keep a good memory.

We offer customers a variety of leisure and recreational facilities (i.e. game machines and the accessories maintenance) and the facilities can be tailor-made for the customer needs.

鬆弛熊 (日語︰リラックマ) ,是日本San – X 公司於2003年推出的漫畫角色。憑著可愛的造型設定,推出後即大受歡迎。2010年5月一項調查顯示,鬆弛熊已成為全日本第五大受歡迎的卡通角色,系列中的牛奶熊 (日語︰コリラックマ) 和豬鼻雞 (日語︰キイロイトリ) 同樣令人喜愛。人氣爆燈的鬆弛熊多年來已推出多款精品、禮品和玩具等商品。u2000把鬆弛熊最新產品同步至香港作代理出售,而不少公司的機動設施及攤位遊戲也以此為獎品,這就說明了我們的貨品均為原裝正貨。鬆弛熊以外,我們亦代理不少在日本當地流行的卡通人物角色,歡迎到以下網頁Facebook專頁查閱進一步資訊。

Rilakkuma (Japanese:リラックマ) is a comic role of San-x company launched in 2003. Owing to the cute image, a survey in May 2010 indicated that Rilakkuma has become Japan's fifth-largest popular cartoon characters. In addition to the Korilakkuma (Japanese:コリラックマ) and Kiiroitori (Japanese:キイロイトリ) are also popular. The popular the Rilakkuma, a variety of souvenir, gifts, and toys have been developed and sold in the market. As the agent of product selling, u2000 not only imported the latest Rilakkuma products to Hong Kong, but also the popular cartoon characters of Japan. You are most welcome to access the official website and Facebook page for further information.


u2000 keeps to bring the most trendy sticker cameras to the market. For the past years, we set up more and more stick cameras facilities around Hong Kong, and we believed that this is the most ideal activities for the family.

金快達有限公司 (GOLDFINDER (HK) LTD.) 成立至今,一直從事遊戲機買賣代理、保養及技術支援等範疇的業務,至今已有20多年的歷史。 作為子公司的u2000,在從事禮品及扭蛋代理和貼紙相分賬業務的同時,亦有代理和引入不同類型的消閒玩樂設施,包括遊戲機及其配件買賣,並提供保養及技術支援服務。

GOLDFINDER (HK) LTD. has been engaged in the agent sale of game, maintenance and technical support business for more than 20 years.As a subsidiary of Goldfinder, u2000 not only engages in gifts, capsule toys and stickers camera-related business, also provides customers other supplementary services such as supply of leisure and entertainment facilities, trading of game machines & peripheral parts, and maintenance & technical support, etc.


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