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KoKocolor has been an industrial leader in glass mosaic solutions

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About KoKocolor

Ever since its launch in 1996, KoKocolor has been an industrial leader in glass mosaic solutions. Countless customers have trusted us with their important projects, knowing the quality product and impeccable service they will receive. In 2003, we once again expanded the horizon in glass mosaic covering with the introduction of our glass mosaic murals. Each mural is made to order by hand and features smooth edges that is not available anywhere else on the market. Its widespread popularity resulted in our murals being seen in homes, offices, malls, and public spaces all over the world. We look forward to realizing your imagination with your next project.

Custom Design

Static, two-dimensional paintings are a thing of the past. Introducing KoKocolor Mosaic Mural, a new way to create artwork that is three-dimensional, interactive, and modern.

We offer two types of custom murals, using cut, and uncut tiles. They have very distinct production procedures and deliver dramatically different results.

Cut Murals – Unmatched Clarity and Resolution

We start with an image of your design. Using it as the blueprint, we carefully cut high-clarity glass into pieces to recreate every twist and turn of its lines. We then paint and bake these pieces – cut tiles, and reassemble the whole mural on our special mesh paper backing. A typical 600 x 900 mm mural consists of approximately 1500 cut tiles, so remembering where each of them belong to was a pretty hard thing that we have proudly mastered. Saying goodbye to such beautiful creations of art, though, is something we are still learning to do ;-)
Uncut Murals – Squares Only

The fluidity offered by irregularly shaped tiles (cut tiles) sometimes clashes with the design of a project. When a project requires straight, angular, powerful lines, we can create murals with only square – uncut – tiles. This 8-bit approach allows us to generate an accurate preview before production, significantly reducing production time. Since the finished mural can be cut into slices, you get to save on shipping and installation as well.
Custom Patterns and Borders

Our cut tiles technique also allows us to create complex wall-paper like patterns and borders. Like snow flakes, no two units are completely identical, yet they go together to form a repeatable pattern, stimulating its viewer both visually and philosophically, inviting the viewer to further explorer the beautiful paradox.

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地址:G/F 205C Lockhart Road,193 Lockhart Road,Wanchai,Hong Kong

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