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Pata Industrial Co. Ltd. - offer stamped, roll-formed and die-cast metal frames and acrylic frames

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Company Profile

Mission Statement:

As an industry leader since 1977, PATA continually strives to provide excellent products and services, and deliver unparalleled value in the photo frame and album industry.

Pata Industrial Co. Ltd. is a leading photo frame and album manufacturer in Hong Kong, with an annual production capacity of more than 100 million pieces of photo frames and albums. We have vertically integrated our manufacturing process to better control quality, cost and delivery, by investing heavily on machinery for every step of the process. Our customers have trusted us in providing them with top quality services and products since 1977.

Our Products

Our frame products include stamped, roll-formed and die-cast metal frames, acrylic frames, paper frames, wooden frames, large document frames, and deluxe wall frames just to name a few. In addition we manufacture all types of photo albums in different constructions such as book-bound, post-bound, weld-bound, glue-bound, spiral-bound and scrapbooks. We own our own brand Noodle, which is our own designer-created high-end photo album brand. We are also experts in producing proof books, folios, and professional albums. Each year many new designs are added to our product line in order to satisfy the constantly changing market taste. In additional to producing our own products, we also manufacture custom-design products for our customers.

Contact Us

Hong Kong Corporate Office & Showroom :

Pata Industrial Co. Ltd.

24D Gold King Industrial Building
35-41 Tai Lin Pai Road
Kwai Chung, New Territories
Hong Kong
(葵涌大連排道 35-41 號
金基工業大廈 24樓)

(852) 2489-8189
(852) 2424-0455
(852) 2422-7501

(852) 3010-1211 (Sales & Marketing)
(852) 3014-7856 (Shipping)
(852) 3014-5822 (Purchasing)
(852) 2489 1171 (General Office)

World Offices: Click Here
[email protected]
Website: www.pata-hk.com

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