Established in Hong Kong since 1987, Plum Blossoms Gallery has been recognized for its foresight in blazing new trails with its promotions of Asian art. Since its inception, groundbreaking one-man exhibitions for Chinese masters Wu Guanzhong, Shi Hu and Chen Yifei firmly placed Plum Blossoms Gallery on the map as a leading art gallery in Hong Kong that showcases works by major Chinese artists to a broad audience across Asia.
Landmark Exhibitions

Plum Blossoms took a major step in its promoting efforts with Mainland Chinese artists by m ounting China Image: the New Spirit in 1987, the gallery’s first exhibition of eleven emerging Chinese artists. This effort represented the gallery's first step in exploring the field of contemporary Chinese art. Two of the leading mainland artists from the Post '89 generation, Zhu Wei and Wei Dong, became enormously popular internationally after launching their first solo exhibitions at our galleries in Hong Kong and Singapore in 1994 and 1995.

Plum Blossoms Gallery was the earliest international player in post Do Moi Vietnam having mounted the first exhibitions outside Vietman of contemporary Vietnamese artists. These works were showcased in our Hong Kong and Singapore galleries in the groundbreaking show Uncorked Soul – Contemporary Art from Vietnam in 1991. This initial momentum led to the development of the international market for Vietnamese artworks as well as setting the stage for the domestic development of the now flourishing gallery businesses within Vietnam.

At the turn of the millenium, Plum Blossoms Gallery continued to mount major exhibitions for artists from Mainland China and other parts of Asia in our Hong Kong, Singapore and New York branches. The exhibitions were instrumental in bringing artists such as Jiang Shuo, Wu Shaoxiang, Peng Wei, Hong Zhu An, Li Tianyuan, Lu Peng and Chen Long-Bin to international recognition.

In 2008, a joint exhibition “Fragile Mandala” featuring the works of Nortse and Tsering Nyandak and the inaugural exhibition “Mushroom Cloud” of Gade’s paintings introduced Hong Kong audiences for the first time to the burgeoning contemporary Tibetan art movement at a time of intense international interest in the region. In the same year, the first solo exhibition of New Zealand artist Chris Heaphy marked the Gallery’s expanded interest in the Asia Pacific region. In 2009 and 2010 Plum Blossoms Gallery further developed its ongoing interest in Photography with representation of American photographers Michael Kenna and Peter Steinhauser.

Over the years, Plum Blossoms has participated in numerous Art Fairs around the world including Art Chicago, 1991, Art Miami, 1992-1993, the Art Asia fairs in Hong Kong 1992-1994, New Trends Art. HK Convention and Exhibition Centre. 1993-1994, Tresors International Fine Art and Antiques Fair for Asia, World Trade Center, Singapore, 1994, The Taipei International Art Fair, Taiwan, Republic of China. 1996, The Beverly Hills International Art Fair, Beverly Hills, California, USA, 1999; The International Asian Art Fair in New York City, USA, from 1997-2004; The Contemporary Asian Art Fair, Singapore.2001.

Antiquities Collection
Since its inception, Plum Blossoms has been recognised for its outstanding collections of museum quality early Chinese textiles. The galleries also feature fine Chinese porcelain and furniture, antique Tibetan furniture, carpets and silver and Sino-Tibetan sculpture. Important exhibitions of antique textiles such as Chinese Textiles Masterpieces: Sung, Yuan and Ming, co-organised with Uragami Sokyu-Do, held in Japan in 1988 and Splendid Silk: Textiles and Court Costume of China, jointly presented by Linda Wrigglesworth of London in 1995, are testimony to Plum Blossoms' reputation as one of the best textile dealers in the world.

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