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Cocktail Opening in MARCH : To all the passionate ART LOVERS out there..

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Attention to all the passionate ART LOVERS out there, who breathes, craves and desires ART

Expose to the world for the very first time in Hong Kong. 

Exhibition: JLEE 360
Artist Reception: March 8th, 2009, Sunday 4pm-6pm
Open to the Public - Refreshments served

Address: Les Artists Cafe and Art
1/F, Man Hoi Building, 98 Electric Road, Tin Hau,
Hong Kong

Contact:  [email protected]  or Jlee 98705023

Les Artistes Café is pleased to present a solo exhibition, JLEE 360 by potential Artist JLEE. JLEE 360 presents art works that can be viewed in 360 degrees angle which deliberately shows the options in life, the changes of self and life dilemmas. The show will bring you to a whole different realm of unpredictable meanings and possibilities you may find in life, love, art, and the exploration of your inner self. It depicts the changes of self and life dilemmas in the world we are living.

I am looking forward to meeting you all at the cocktail reception and share some passion and inspirations through the power of Art. Let's inspire and support each other.

Please pop me a message at [email protected]

Peace and Love,

Artist Jlee
Website: www.jessicaholamlee.com
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