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【香港派對場地出租】The Ping Pong Club - 各種派對服務/Wine Tasting/Beer Pong比賽/私人及公司聚會 - Sports Theme Club - 24小時

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The Ping Pong Club — 位於中環蘭桂坊的乒乓球主題派對場地 (佔地900呎),歡迎任何類型的私人派對或活動包場。提供最完善的派對設施任玩,有如私人會所般的享受,包括:電子 Beer Pong 枱 (PONG CONNECT)、乒乓球、飛標機 (DARTSLIVE)、卡拉OK裝備及私人迷你酒吧等。

The Ping Pong Club — A 900 sq ft sports themed club located in Lan Kwai Fong (Central) open for reservations for any types of private parties or events. We offer the best entertainment equipments which includes PONG CONNECT for beer pong games, a standard Ping Pong Table for fun or competitions, as well as professional darts machine by DARTSLIVE. We also provide Karaoke equipments and a mini bar for self-serving. You can enjoy a premium private club house experience at The Ping Pong Club. 


Confirm Your Booking Before 30 Oct 2017

SUN – THU & P.H.

HKD$1,500 / Hour        Minimum 2 Hours

FRI & SAT & The day before P.H.

HKD$1,800 / Hour        Minimum 2 Hours

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