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Jumbo Zone HK - 老虎機租用專門店 - Casino tables and slot machine rental

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2016-10-18 刊登者: Jumbo Zone HK

<< 更新日期: Oct/2016>>            

Jumbo Zone Party HK - 全港唯一老虎機租用專門店

我們成立於2006年, 主力提供賭場主題派對製作. 提供老虎機, 賭枱, 籌碼, 輪盤, 21點, 荷官等.
客戶包括本地及國際大型機構, 大小製作公司, 私人客戶等.

We are established since 2006, We offer casino theme party production.
Providing slot machine, casino table, chips, roulette, blackjack, dealer etc.

查詢及報價 Enquiry and get a quote:
Hotline: (852) 63323833 / Email: [email protected]

最新活動圖片 Lastest event photos at our facebook: 
<< 老虎機租用套餐 >> 
套餐 A – 港幣$1,800
~ 1台老虎機 / 2小時遊戲時間

套餐B – 港幣$2,800
~ 2台老虎機 / 2小時遊戲時間

套餐C – 港幣$5,800
~ 4台老虎機 / 3小時遊戲時間 / 1 名駐場技術人員

套餐D – 港幣$7,800
~ 6台老虎機 / 3小時遊戲時間 / 1 名駐場技術人員


所有套餐已包括點對點運輸* / 現場安裝 / 遊戲介紹 / 遊戲代幣
*運輸費: 新界區 $400 / 九龍區 $500 / 港島區 $600
<< Slot Machine Rental Package >>

Package A – HKD$1,800
~ 1 slot machine / 2 hours game time

Package B – HKD$2,800
~ 2 slot machines / 2 hours game time

Package C – HKD$5,800
~ 4 slot machines / 3 hours game time / 1 on-site technician

Package D – HKD$7,800
~ 6 slot machines / 3 hours game time / 1 on-site technician

(We are happy to provide tailor-made packages base on your needs, please contact us for further detail.)

All packages include door to door delivery* / on-site setup / game introduction / game tokens
*Delivery cost: New Territories $400 / Kowloon $500 / Hong Kong Island $600
<< 公司簡介 >>
Jumbo Zone Trading Company 成立於2006年,主要業務為日本老虎機Pachislot之租用及銷售服務。



我們提供一站式服務包括: 老虎機運送及安裝,基本運作講解,在場技術人員,互動遊戲介紹。

公司理念: 靈活變通以配合客戶所需,並達致雙贏局面。


- AIA Life Inusrance HK
- HSBC Private Bank
- HSBC Insurance
- Hutchison Global Communications Limited E-Commerce
- SCMP Hearst 
- Quintessentially Hong Kong
- BGCpartners Hong Kong

<< Company Background >>
Jumbo Zone Trading Company is established since 2006. Core business includes Japan Slot Machine (Pachislot) retail and rental service within Hong Kong. 

Since establishment, we have introduced Pachislot into domestic home-use market. Furthermore, we have collaborated with different production houses and large firms which offering a unique and interactive entertainment experience among events, parties and carnivals etc.

In future, we will focus on slot machine rental service and bring it into further sectors.

We provide one-stop service include: on-site slot machine setup and decoration, pick up and delivery service, basic operation training, on-site stuff and technician, and interactive game introduction.

Company strategies and goal: Think and work flexibly to match client’s needs, and result in a win-win situation.

- AIA Life Inusrance HK
- HSBC Private Bank
- HSBC Insurance
- HGC E-Commerce
- SCMP Hearst 

- Quintessentially Hong Kong
​- BGCpartners Hong Kong
Disclaimer 免責聲明
本公司之所有服務只使用指定代幣及籌碼, 並且只供合法娛樂用途, 絶不可用作任何涉及金錢之賭博用途.
如有發現, 本公司保留最終決定權, 及交由警方處理.

All service provided by Jumbo Zone HK are operated with specific tokens and chips, and can only be used for legal entertainment service. It is strictly prohibited for any cash-related gambling activities.
If any case found, Jumbo Zone HK reserve the final rights, and would consider report the case to police department. 

聯絡資訊 此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性