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Common Rail CRIN Hexagonal Solenoid Shim Kit

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EH Parts name #Common Rail CRIN Hexagonal Solenoid Shim Kit#Common Rail Injector Nozzle Spring Adjusting Shim#

please contact me Nicole lin at china lutong parts plant

Our majored products are Head Rotor(VE Pump Parts) ,fit for LUCAS DPA , pump head (VE pump head), nozzle, plunger, valve, injector, common rail system’s accessories. What is more,we are attention to our construction of brand value. From the beginning of 2011 we create and own brand "diesel parts" to provide credit protection to customers.Our Advantage:

1.high quality products

2. Strong supply capacity.

3.Spacious storage

4.competitive factory price

5.Complete after-sale service system

injection pump Nicole Lin -TOBERA HEAD INJECTOR Diesel Injection Pumps

Guarantee time: 180 days


nicole(at)china-lutong (dot) net AGO

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