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B25 Bosch Adjusting Shim for Rebuilt Diesel Injector-B25 Common Rail Injector Shims

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As a professional manufacturer of diesel engine injection systems. Our main products are common rail system pump parts and traditional injection pump parts. It includes common rail injector,common rail nozzle,  type control valves, type Orifice Plate, Delphi type Control Valves, Acturtor for Volvo,Cat type injector C7,C9,Solenoid Valve for C7C9 and so on .Ve type diesel injection pump parts , Ve Distributor Head Rotor,Feed Pump,Cam Disk,Drive Shaft ,Solenoid Valve, Gasket Kits, Liner, Cross Disk, Roller ,Diesel Plunger (A,AD, P, PS7100,P8500,MW,EP9 type),Injector Nozzle (Dn, DN0PDN ,S , SN, P, PN type),Pencil Nozzle, Diesel Injector and so on .


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#B25 Bosch Adjusting Shim for Rebuilt Diesel Injector
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