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fuel injection pump system 131151-3220 A44 12mm plunger for Isuzu

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fuel injection pump system 131151-3220 A44 12mm plunger for Isuzu

LW Basic  Info: 
Item Name: fuel injection pump system
Model NO.: 131151-3220 
Fuel: Diesel
Component: Fuel Injection Device
Stroke: 4 Stroke
Fuel Saver Type: Additive Burning with Fuel
Material: Gcr15
Diameter: 12mm
Transport Package: Neutral
Body Material: Aluminium
Certification: ISO9001
Cylinder: Multi-cylinder
Carburettor Type: Downdraft
Color: Silver
Origin: Fujian

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China Lutong Parts Plant




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Plunger A 090150-4300 4300

Plunger A M004 445.16c15wt

Plunger A 090150-4693 4693

Plunger A 090150-4810 4810

Plunger A 141145-2421 49F

Plunger A 4S75 4S75

Plunger A M001 4ythm-1111410-01wt

Plunger A A503 240 503 240

Plunger A A503 674 503 674

Plunger A 090150-5250 5250

Plunger A 090150-5290 5290

Plunger A 090150-5630 5630

Plunger A 8-3A 8-3A

Plunger A 9 411 080 087 9 080 087

Plunger A 9 401 083 503 9083-503

Plunger A 9 412 270 043 9270-043

Plunger A 95.16U 95.16U

Plunger A 131151-9820 A117

Plunger A 131152-0120 A120

Plunger A 131152-0020 A122

Plunger A 131152-0320 A125

Plunger A 131152-1220 A136

Plunger A 131152-1420 A138

Plunger A 131152-2120 A146

Plunger A 131153-0520 A147

Plunger A 131152-2220 A148

Plunger A 131152-2320 A149

Plunger A 131152-2420 A150

Plunger A 131151-2820 A154

Plunger A 131152-3020 A157


fuel injection pump system are on above list

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