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With the use of these all new core materials began a new age for Cheoy Lee

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Our Advantage

It was back in the 1970’s when Cheoy Lee began experimenting with foam coring materials, and soon recognized its advantages. This was not only for the huge saving in weight and greater strength, but also a perfect solution to the age old problems that occurred with the use of wood.

With the use of these all new core materials began a new age for Cheoy Lee. As composite materials became ever more sophisticated, and new technologies such as resin infusion proved themselves suitable for yacht construction, Cheoy Lee recognized the need for specialist structural engineering know-how to fully harness the capabilities of these materials and techniques. Enter the renowned structural engineering firm SP-High Modulus. Vastly experienced in cutting edge structural analysis, SP-High Modulus has experience ranging from America’s Cup yachts, to military craft. They also design the structure for all Cheoy Lee yachts. Boat building has changed immeasurably in the time Cheoy Lee has been in business, although some things have remained the same. Cheoy Lee, has been, and continues to be, one of the most technically advanced shipyards in the world.

It is no wonder why when you are on a Cheoy Lee you don’t notice any creaking or groaning while at sea, when climbing a staircase or walking across the cabin floor. It is because there is no plywood or for that matter no wood at all used for structure in a Cheoy Lee. What this means is that the bulkhead and cabin soles are all made out of the very same exceptionally strong material as the hull and superstructure. Utilizing resin infused foam cored composites throughout allows the structure to be laminated together as one.

This method of construction creates the highest level of structural strength and rigidity, allowing precise control of weight, contributing to superior performance and efficiency. We also build our fuel tanks out of the very same materials which allow them to be integral as well, and located in the lowest part of the bilge accomplishing two very important features; a lower center of gravity, and a double bottom over the majority of the hull bottom in the deepest strike zones, a reassuring safety measure.

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