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specializing in VW, Audi, Porsche and Land Rover vehicle performance, maintenance and repairs

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Monster Garage is specializing in VW, Audi, Porsche and Land Rover vehicle performance, maintenance and repairs. Established in 2008, it's owned and operated by two passionate car enthusiasts, Mr. Shane Yu and Ms. Phoenix Chow.

We used to be a performance auto parts retailer and wholesaler in Hong Kong with our primary focus on selling and sourcing performance auto parts all over the world. After a growing local reputation of expertise in the field, we started to gain customer interest. In order to satisfy the increasing needs in garage services from our customers, we've co-operated with MT Motoring in 2009 and grow into a one-stop automotives service provider.

With the continuous support from the Monsters' fellows, Monster Garage has expanded and moved from MT Motoring (at Tin Hau) to Kwon Tung in June 2010. We now run a two thousand square foot performance and repair facilities. Aside from a very strong local and domestic reputation, we are also internationally recognized as a premier Volkswagen and Audi specialist. We distribute and install high performance parts from many quality and reputable names in the industry, including Forge Motorsport, Unitronic and Borla etc.

Monster Garage offering a tidy, friendly and cozy environment for customer to enjoy their passion towards automobile! We're a team of technical and knowledgeable specialists, focusing on bringing our customers tailor made solutions for their beloved automobile.

We spend every effort to ensure a timely work schedule with top quality services and provide the highest level of care on customer's cars.

Our Scope of Service:
-Performance Tuning
Alignment Service, ECU Tuning, Transmissions, Brake, Suspension Upgrade etc.
Oil Change, Timing Belt Service, Brake, Suspension & Bushings
-Vehicle Inspection

Mini Cooper
Porsche (Updating)
Aston Martin (Coming Soon)
Ferrari (Coming Soon)
Hummer (Coming Soon)
Land Rover (Coming Soon)
Masarati (Coming Soon)

Address:Shop B, G/F, Ko Leung Factory Building,
25 Tai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Tel:(852) 2518-3345 / (852) 3420-0498
Email:[email protected]
       [email protected]

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