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Boats and Yachts Ltd offering a brokers portfolio of leading Cruisers

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Boats and Yachts Ltd Hong Kong is trying to find the right boat for the right person in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region, offering a brokers portfolio of leading Cruisers, Speed boats, Liveaboards, Junk boats and Sailing Yachts for sale.

Our experienced team can help support, advise and assist you in every aspect of your boat ownership.

We conduct all aspects of the sale from inspection, overseeing surveys, executing closing documents, Marine Department, registration, and recommending insurance companies. Giving you the peace of mind that everything is taken care of and that you are recieving the right deal for you.

With our large array of connections in the Asia Pacific region we are also able to arrange the cradling and shipping of your yacht, to the Buyer, anywhere in the World. We can refer you to competitive freight companies that will assist you all the way. We understand that people move and that the ownership of a boat should not hinder this, as such you can be sure that your boat will arrive at your next destination quickly, with all relevant paperwork in tact.


[email protected]

Mobile 852-6605-5653

Skype: ecoebergh

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