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injection pump head 4d56 for denso head rotor engine for sale

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Product Name:Head rotor &Rotor Head&Cabezal

Raw Materials: GCr15 or 20CrMn;

Processing Technique: Vacuum hardening

Rigidity: HRC62-65

Specification:3,4,5,6 Cylinder



Contat: Dennis: SRE

O que é aplicativo: 0086-133/8690/1257

Dennis at {China-Lutong} dot Net


Our Advantage:

  • Factory price.
  • High quality with Warranty.
  • Capacity Stock & Arrange the goods quickly.
  • Enjoy good reputation among our customers.
  • Professional and good after sale service.




Hot selling head rotor











Trademark: Lutong
Transport Package: Standard Packing, Other Packing as Request
Specification: Standard
Origin: China
Packing: as you required




Trademark: China Lutong
Transport Package: Standard Packing, Other Packing as Request
Specification: Standard
Origin: China
Packing: as you required


Pump Head| Head Rotor|Ve Head Rotor|For Dpa Head Rotor|Ve Head Rotors|Distributor Head|Cabezal


China Lutong Parts Plant, is a professional OEM & aftermarket parts supplier which specialized in high quality diesel fuel injection parts & locomotive diesel engine parts with a long history, Our main products include Head Roto,Diesel Nozzle,Diesel Elements,Diesel Plungers and Barrels,Diesel Injectors,Delivery Valve,Cam Disk,Drive Shaft,Repair Kits,Feed Pump,Roller Ring,VE Pump Parts,Nozzle Tester,Test Bench,Common Rail Injector,Common Rail Nozzle,Common Rail Injector Control Valve.and so on.
As being in the business line for years,we always keep our steps with the international standard and technics and absorb the advanced producing system.So our products are exported to wide client-base spread across the world.
We serve our customers in a courteous and professional manner.In pursuit of excellence,we also establish an efficient logistics and reaction system.We ensure that all the questions could be answered in the shortest time with satisfaction,all the products be delivery in stipulated frame of time.In general,we are not only producing our products,but also provide the full after-sale service and complete solution. 

China-Lutong Parts Plant is manufacter in China in the suppyling and servicing of diesel fuel injection enterprise,our quality is Approved by ISO9001:2008

We are Major in:rotor head ,hydraulic head,Diesel Nozzle,fuel injector pump head ,Diesel Plunger,Diesel Element,ve pump parts,Head Rotor,distributor head,Diesel Injector, injector pump parts,rotor head assembly,Common Rail Nozzles,head and rotor,review Common Rail Injector Valve and so on. We have the world brand equipment, craft, full testing machine, very strong technical force, and we have big lots, more types and high quality production scale, and modernization manager.


Q1. What Products are Your Company Producing?

We are Manufacture for All Kind of Auto Engine Pump Parts Such as Head Rotor , Injection Pump, Fuel Injector, Fuel Nozzle , Control Valve, Injector Repair Kit Bag, etc.


Q2. How to place an order?

Offline transaction:

1) Send us an inquiry to our email

2) We give you our best quotation

3) Finish your payment by T/T or Paypal, Western Union, etc.

4) Give you tracking number after shipping by sea or air


Online transaction:

1) Send us an inquiry and get latest price on our Aliexpress shop, or contact us, we would help you

2) We make a Trade Assurance Contract for transaction on alibaba

3) Finish your payment by TT or Paypal, Western Union, etc.

4) Ship your goods and give tracking number on alibaba


Q3. Do you accept sample order?

Yes, samples can be provided for testing first.


Q4. What is your warranty?

12 months warranty.


Reference No. MFR No. Pump No. MFR Engine Remarks
096400-0062 22140-54010 096000-3850 Fit for Toyota 1N-T 4/9R
096400-0130 22140-54260 096000-0651 Fit for Toyota L 4/9R
096400-0141 22140-54410 096000-3060 Fit for Toyota 2L-T 4/9R
096400-0142 22140-54410 096000-1920 Fit for Toyota 2L 4/9R
096400-0143 22140-54410 096000-3190 Fit for Toyota 2L-T 4/9R
096400-0173 22140-87701-000 096000-1161 DAHIATSU CL10 4/9L
096400-0210 22140-64150 096000-1020 Fit for Toyota 1C-L 4/9R
096400-0232  096000-2250 Fit for MITSUBISHI 4D5T 4/10R
096400-0240 22140-64400 096400-1020 Fit for Toyota 1C-L 4/9R
096400-0241 22140-64400 096000-2460 Fit for Toyota 1C 4/9R
096400-0242 22140-64400 096000-2300 Fit for Toyota 1C-L 4/9R
096400-0261  096000-1840 Fit for KOMATSU 4D95L 4/12R
096400-0262  096000-6630 Fit for KOMATSU 4D95S 4/12R
096400-0280 22140-87702-000 096000-2071 Fit for DAIHTSU CL-T 4/9R
096400-0301  096000-2930 Fit for MITSUBISHI 4D65T 4/9R
096400-0302  096000-4460 Fit for MITSUBISHI 4D65T 4/9R
096400-0400  096000-4420 Fit for MITSUBISHI 4D65 4/9R
096400-0431 22140-78300-71 096000-3501 TICO 1Z 4/12R
096400-0432 22140-96300 096000-3830 Fit for Toyota 1Z 4/12R
096400-0510  096000-0512 Fit for MAZDA XA 4/9R
096400-1000 22140-6A511 096000-4320 Fit for Toyota 2C-L 4/10R
096400-1010 22140-55110 096000-3850 Fit for Toyota 1N-T 4/9R
096400-1020 22140-55190 096000-3510 Fit for Toyota 1N 4/9R
096400-1030 22140-54263 096000-1601 Fit for MITSUBISHI 4D6 4/9R
096400-1050  096000-1161 Fit for DAIHTSU CL10 4/9L
096400-1060 22140-58690 096000-3810 Fit for Toyota 3B 4/9R
096400-1080  096000-2160 Fit for MITSUBISHI 4D5-SL 4/10R
096400-1090 22140-55130 096000-2990 TICO 2J 4/9R
096400-1110  096000-2071 Fit for DAIHTSU CL-T 4/9R
096400-1130  096000-4460 Fit for MITSUBISHI 4D65T 4/9R
096400-1140  096000-7120 Fit for MITSUBISHI 4D65 4/9R
096400-1160 22140-5B270 096000-7090 Fit for Toyota 1N-T 4/10R
096400-1180  096000-0510 Fit for MAZDA XA 4/9R
096400-1190 22140-87706-000 096000-3600 Fit for DAIHTSU CL-T 3/9L
096400-1210 22140-78330-71 096000-7300 TICO 12Z 6/12R
096400-1220  096000-1840 Fit for KOMATSU 4D95L 4/12R
096400-1230 8-97161856-0 096000-2831 ISUZU 4JG2 4/12R
096400-1240 22140-56350 096000-4640 Fit for Toyota 14B 4/12R
096400-1250 22140-54730 096000-4910 Fit for Toyota 3L 4/10R
096400-1260 22140-56290 096000-4530 Fit for Toyota B 4/9R
096400-1270 22140-6A590 096000-5170 Fit for Toyota 2C-T 4/10R
096400-1300 22140-78200-71 096000-3620 TICO 1DZ 4/10R
096400-1320 22140-17140 096000-6400 Fit for Toyota 1HD-T 6/12R
096400-1330 22140-17010 096000-6261 Fit for Toyota 1HZ 6/10R
096400-1360 22140-6D050 096000-6940 Fit for Toyota 2C-TL 4/10R
096400-1400 22140-55230 096000-7850 Fit for Toyota 1N 4/10R
096400-1430 MD627098 096000-8104 Fit for MITSUBISHI 4S68T 4/10R
096400-1441  096500-3071 Fit for Toyota 1KZ-TE 
096400-1481  096500-2011 Fit for Toyota 3C-TE 
096400-1490 22140-6D500 096000-9330 Fit for Toyota 2C-L 4/10R
096400-1500 22140-17810 196000-2300 Fit for Toyota 1HZ 6/10R
096400-1581 22140-5C090 196000-0062 Fit for Toyota 15B-F 4/12R
096400-1600  196000-1490 ISUZU 4JB1 4/11L
096400-1700 22140-17841 096000-9721 Fit for Toyota 1HD-FT 6/12R
096400-1710  196000-1383 Fit for MAZDA J19A 4/10R
096400-1790 22140-5B820 196000-2521 Fit for Toyota 2L 4/10R






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