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agricultural spray nozzle tips DSLA154P1320/0 433 175 395 Tank Injection Nozzle

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agricultural spray nozzle tips DSLA154P1320/0 433 175 395 Tank Injection Nozzle
Car Make:Jeep Grand Cherokee Crd Mercedes Sprinter, V200
Engine Type:Diesel Engine Crdi
Body Material:Steel
Component:Auto Nozzle
 Stroke: 4 Stroke
Cylinder: Multi-cylinder
Type: Bosch Common Rail Nozzle
Model No.: Dsla154p1320
OE No.: 0433175395
Injector No.: 0 445 110 170, 0 445 110 171, 0 445 110 181
for: Jeep Grand Cherokee Crd Mercedes Sprinter, V200
Brand Name:Dyd, OEM, Neutral
Needle Color: Black
MOQ: 1 Box
Warranty: 6 Months
Transport Package: Inner Plastic Tube, Outer Is Box
Specification: CE
The fuel injectors are typically ECU-controlled. When the fuel injectors are electrically activated, a hydraulic valve (consisting of a nozzle and plunger) is mechanically or hydraulically opened and fuel is sprayed into the cylinders at the desired pressure. Since the fuel pressure energy is stored remotely and the injectors are electrically actuated, the injection pressure at the start and end of injection is very near the pressure in the accumulator (rail), thus producing a square injection rate. If the accumulator, pump, and plumbing are sized properly, the injection pressure and rate will be the same for each of the multiple injection events.

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Item Type Reference Stamping
Nozzle P common   rail 093400-8640 DLLA145P864
Nozzle P common   rail 093400-7150 DLLA157P715
Nozzle P common   rail 0   433 175 449 DSLA128P1510
Nozzle P common   rail 093400-8700 DLLA145P870
Nozzle P common   rail 093400-1024 DLLA145P1024
Nozzle P common   rail 095000-5601 DLLA158P844
Nozzle P common   rail 105019-1540 DLLA154PN270
Nozzle P common   rail 0   433 175 414 DSLA146P1409+
Nozzle P common   rail 0   433 175 271 DSLA143P970
Nozzle P common   rail 970950-0547 DLLA158P854
Nozzle P common   rail 0   433 175 395 DSLA154P1320
Nozzle P common   rail 0   433 175 163 DSLA156P736
Nozzle P common   rail 0   433 171 831 DLLA146P1339
Nozzle P common   rail 0   433 175 203 DSLA136P804
Nozzle P common   rail 0   433 171 654 DLLA150P1011
Nozzle P common   rail 093400-8750 DLLA145P875
Nozzle P common   rail 093400-8720 DLLA148P872
Nozzle P common   rail 0   433 172 203 DLLA118P2203
Nozzle P common   rail 0   433 172 111 DLLA152P1819
Nozzle P common   rail 0   433 171 991 DLLA150P1622
Nozzle P common   rail 0   433 175 510 DSLA128P5510
Nozzle P common   rail 0   433 175 309 DSLA143P1058
Nozzle P common   rail 0   433 171 974 DLLA142P1595
Nozzle P common   rail 0   433 171 712 DLLA156P1107
Nozzle P common   rail 0   433 175 470 DSLA124P1659
Nozzle P common   rail 093400-8840 DLLA153P884
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