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Club Membership SELL/BUY/RENT and TRADE MARK SERVICES - Whatsapp 53821618 / Email us please

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Whatsapp : (852) 5 3 8 2 1 6 1 8
Email          : [email protected]

We have been established as a membership specialist since 2012. In the market increasingly dominated by the needed of club membership, membership specialist become an imperative. It is strategically placed to assist interested parties in this Second Hand Market by serving as a professional expertise that provides high quality service in Club Membership Buying, Selling & Investment.

We are proud to supply the most updated information and offer the most competitive membership prices on the wide variety of Golf and Private Clubs in both Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. With our professional expertise and clientele of networking, customer fulfillment and satisfaction can be achieved.

Your high praise has given us the confidence to continue to set our companys standard for our professional service. Our dedication to Club Membership business is your guarantee of the continued advancement of service performance. Your comments and advices are not only the reminder of service quality, but also extremely valuable for us to upgrade our service.


Trademark Registration
as a means of brand protection, is taken seriously by investors in various countries.
Brand protection is a kind of region specific protection and different countries have their own requirements for trademark registration.We provide trademark application and registration services around the world, and deals with various issues for our clients during the course of the complex International, Hong Kong , Taiwan and China trademark application process.

Related Services

  • Conduct trademark search and evaluation
  • Give advice on trademark registration
  • Apply for trademark registration
  • Handle change of trademark, renewal or reissue of registration certificate, transfer or license of trademark
  • Handle trademark review, rejection, defense, revocation, opposition and dispute
  • Collect trademark registration certificate on behalf of the applicant
  • Assist in filing the record to Customs and Excise Department for trademark protection
  • Assist in rights protection against trademark infringement
  • Assist in infringement litigation

Whatsapp  : (852) 5 3 8 2 1 6 1 8
Email          : ns @ northsun-holdings. com



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