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GREENPAC introduced "Green Bag" into Australia in year 2000. Since then, we have supplied more than 5 millions of eco-friendly bags Australia wide to more than 2,500 businesses. We are now one of Australia’s most comprehensive suppliers of eco-friendly bags.
In 2011, our major expansion leads by our holding company invested into 2 manufacturing plants and a design company which expand our product range to eco friendly promotional products and business printing.

What Does GREENPAC do?
We develop, manufacture and wholesale eco-friendly bags and gifts.

What makes our products different?
WE DO IT ALL - artworks, manufacturing, printing, warehousing and distribution- so quality and delivery time are assured.

Who are we?
GREENPAC is Australia registered company, based in Sydney and Melbourne, supported by its factory in Guangzhou, China. Combined, two other processing factories have a total production capacity of 500,000 bags per month. Our plants offer complete flexibility and easily handle a wide range of product variations.

Who are our customers?
As well as supplying some of Australia’s major supermarkets and retailers, GREENPAC also provides quality products to Top 100 corporations, federal, state and local government bodies, schools, non-profit organizations-and business of all types and sizes.

Email: sales@green-pac.net
Sydney Head Office: +61 2 9699 2485
Melbourne: +61 3 9005 5588
Brisbane: +61 7 3103 7346
Adelaide: +61 8 7200 3165
Perth: +61 8 6102 3576
Australia Fax: +61 2 8905 9282

1 Childs Rd Chipping Norton NSW 2170

6 Torteval Place Clayton VIC 3168

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