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鐵達時(Solvil et Titus)

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1887年,現代鐘錶業傳奇人物保羅·狄森(1868-1945)創立了瑞士經典腕錶品牌鐵達時(Solvil et Titus)。品牌名稱中的 “Solvil” 靈感來自瑞士汝拉山區一家鐘錶零件製造廠所在的村落松維利耶(Sonvilier),而 “Titus” 則向公元一世紀的羅馬大帝致敬。


二次世界大戰後,中產階層追求身份象徵配飾的風氣日益盛行,鐵達時提高產能、擴充銷售網,並於七十年代打進亞洲市場。八十年代末,鐵達時為品牌里程寫下閃爍一章,邀請了亞洲演藝巨星梅艷芳、王傑、周潤發、劉德華及國際足球名將傑斯拍攝電視廣告,上演一幕幕以浪漫愛情故事為主題的經典情節,為品牌添上動人色彩。當年名句「不在乎天長地久,只在乎曾經擁有」以至今天的 「讓時間說愛」(Time Is Love),都能讓不同年代的觀眾產生共鳴,使鐵達時繼續成為跨時代的浪漫標記。




As demand for status items grew among the middle class after the end of World War II, Solvil et Titus expanded its production capacity and market reach, ultimately establishing a presence in Asia by the 1970s. The brand’s profile reached a new height in the late 1980’s when it started celebrating timepieces as a treasure-trove of emotional and touching stories through a series of unforgettable TV commercials featuring superstars like Anita Mui, Dave Wang Chieh, Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau as well as world-renowned footballer Ryan Giggs. Taglines from the classic “天長地久” (“Love lost is perhaps the love that remains with you for all time”) to today’s “Time Is Love” continue to resonate with audiences as Solvil et Titus endures as an icon of romance among the style-conscious millennial generation.


Solvil et Titus timepieces are all designed and crafted to express individual identity, regardless of taste or lifestyle, and convey the deepest love, no matter the moment or occasion.

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