博士主理,至2020年累積19.5年經驗 。博士級論文、編輯、研究分析指導輔導諮詢支援。 Essay, Assignment, Dissertation, Thesis, SPSS Guidance.


100% 實體本地運作,已參與 1020+學術論文指導與支援項目,非網站式外判中介。詢報價: / 852 6693-4106  了解更多: Essay, Assignment, Dissertation, Thesis, SPSS 指導與支援.


1 資歷:

DipCompStudies, DipTESOL, BA BIS, MA AppLing, DBA, ex-PhD candidate in Business & Language 香港代寫Essay 代寫大學essay 代寫Thesis 代寫Dissertation 代寫大學論文 代寫大學功課 代做Essay 代做Thesis 代做Dissertation 代做大學論文 代做大學功課 代做大學essay

2 主要指導及支援範圍

Business Management, Human Resources Management, Tourism, Project Management, HK Law, Building & Consturction, Education, Marketing & Advertising, Psychology, Nursing, Medical, Housing & Facility Management, Linguistics & Translation, IT and Statistics.

不外判丶不是中介丶非虛擬網站式中介。已參與 930+大小學術論文指導支援工作, 100% 實體本地運作,你能實體接觸到丶問到丶互動到。


即時詢及報價:  Email: Tel and Whatsapp: 852 6693 4106


3 顧問指導服務範圍:

- 學術論文/研究報告 (Essay, Proposal, Thesis, Dissertation, Critical Appraisal, Meta Analysis & Literature Review)

- 學術論文編輯 (Overhauls of Academic Writing Logic, Flow, Structure, Clarity & Fluency)

- 質化/量化 數據收集及分析 (Coding, Thematic Analysis, Ethnography, Grounded Theory, & Framework Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling, Power Analysis, Six Sigma, Chi-Square, T-Test, Factor Analysis, Loglinear, Logistic Regression (Binary and nominal), Interaction, Factorial Analysis, Nonparametric Analysis, General Linear Model, ANOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA, Dummy Coding, Linear Regression with Moderators or Mediators, Man-Whitney, Wilcoxon, Correlation, Adjusted Analysis, Odds Ratio, Relative Risk, Sensitivity, Specificity, Positive Predictive, & Negative Predictive, to name an important few)

- 質化/量化 研究顧問服務 (Qualitative & Quantitative Research Consultancy)

- 協助尋找文獻、研究材料 (Literature Searches, Assistance in Field Data Collections & Observations)


即時詢及報價:  Email: Tel and Whatsapp: 852 6693 4106




- A company registered in Hong Kong with a valid Hong Kong business certificate, clients are protected under the Hong Kong law

- DCWACC is administered by a DBA with ex-PhD candidacy (DipCompStudies, DipTESOL, BA BIS, MA AppLing, DBA, ex-PhD candidate in Business + Language), research rigor is emphasized

- DCWACC is NOT a middle-man sales coordinator making a claim that many staff / teams are working behind the scenes

- As a focused company, DCWACC puts emphasis on quality rather than quantity

- Reliable in-house research sources, Peer-reviewed ONLY! etc... Clients are never asked to give passwords and usernames for database access

- Two-way interactive learning, nothing is virtual

- 100% Made in Hong Kong

- Genuine, DCWACC does only what it knows, marketing is not employed to create overstated/unrealistic perceptions

- 資歷: Dip CompStudies, Cert TESOL, BA BIS, MA AppLing, ex-PhD candidate in Language, DBA

- 不是中介,08年開始已參與 1020+大小工作項目。 全實體本地運作 ,你能實體接觸到丶問到丶互動到。

- DCWACC 前身於2007年為合顆業務。DCWACC 於2008年成為獨立公司。 持有商業登記,非網上虛擬外判中介。

- 不誇大,只說能做的: Essay, Assignment, Thesis, Dissertation Writing Support and Guidance。




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