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cardboard sporting goods display with hooks with lcd screen

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Why choose LETTO SIGNS?

  • one-on-one service
  • Lower Cost and Greater Value
  • 10+ Years Experience
  • Full Production Line in House
  • No MOQ

We helped many brands improve their presence & sales in the global market,include the famous brands: Disney,BMW,UGG,Dior,Walmart,Costco,P&G,Kinder


  1. The custom displays are designed to help you stand out from your competition and sell more products and services
  2. The custom merchandising displays is a in-shop brand communication tools
  3. the displays you use to showcase your products or services are a direct reflection of the quality of your company eye-catching exposure to your customers.
  4. Floor Displays are ideal for sale items, promotional items, seasonal offers or any limited edition product.


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