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美國香港電子商會 - 「追WEEE趕RoHS迎EuP」全方案研討會

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2006-09-05 刊登者: 美國香港電子商會 America Hong Kong Electronics Association

About AHKEA     

America Hong Kong Electronics Association Limited (AHKEA) is a registered non-profit making organization, with a mission to leverage members' expertise in providing TOTAL SOLUTION for industry, to speak to Government for the benefits of member with companies in Hong Kong, America and PRC,  to give life to Hong Kong electronic industry. and aim to be a bridge between US market and PRC's factories.


    「追 WEEE 趕 RoHS 迎 EuP」全方案研討會

EuP -----> RoHS ------> WEEE


WEEE 指令已2005813日起實施,生產商必須履行回收、處理及循環再造廢料的財務責任,為有關產品提供保養,並且履行標籤及標誌義務以達致由 2006 12 31 日起,實行回收及循環再造/再用廢料的目標

至於RoHS 指令,生產商必須於2006 7 1 日前,為他們生產的電器所含六種有毒物質尋找替代品。含有害物質的電器和電子設備於2006 7 1 日起不能進口歐盟,並禁止在市場上出售,違例者須負上法律責任。 

另一新指令「能源使用產品之環保設計指令EuP (Energy-using Product)亦已於歐洲議會立法程序中完成二讀,並訂於2007年8月11日正式實施。在指令生效後的兩年內,各會員國必須使其國家實施法令/措施生效。

歐盟這三項指令對廠商進入歐盟國家的貨品均帶來一定的衝擊且迫在眉睫,為幫助業界達到WEEE/RoHS/EuP指令的要求,安心進口歐洲市場,由美國香港電子商會聯同立德國際公證香港有限公司主辦,香港生產力促進局及Imag Asia Limited 協辦,和多個商協會支持以下的「追 WEEE 趕 RoHS 迎 EuP」全方案研討會,邀請權威專家為廠商提供全面解決方案、分享實戰經驗及 解答疑難。


時間:下午二時十五分至五時十 五分





出席者將獲贈本會出版之「追WEEE 趕 RoHS 迎 EuP」特刊一本

2:15 pm - 2:30 pm 入座登記
2:30 -2:40 pm 主持致歡迎辭 - 立德國際公證香港有限公司代表
2:40 - 3:10 pm
講題: "Maximizing competitive advantages through HSPM
              system on RoHS"

- RoHS Regulatory framework
- Producer situation
- Solution to RoHS compliance (short term and long term approach)
- How to benefit the company if IECQ HSPM certified?

講者:Dr. Samuel Wong, Director Asia, Bureau Veritas Hong Kong Ltd.

Dr. Wong is now the Regional Director Asia of Analytical & Chemical Services at Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (BVCPS), responsible for all the analytical & Chemical laboratories in Greater China region, South East Asia together with the Indian Subcontinent.  He has years of technical hand-on experience in safety, regulatory and quality assurance assessments of consumer products.  He also possesses experiences in environmental assessment, waste testing services, system evaluations relating to quality, environmental, CGMP and other control systems        

3:10 - 3:40 pm 講題: "Fulfilling WEEE/RoHS Materials Compliance Regulatory
              Mandates - proven software solution"

講者:Mr. Sunming Cheung
            Director, IMAG Asia Limited

- How to collect Materials/Substance information from Suppliers and tie that to the Bill of Materials (BOM) in existing inventory system - also manage large volume of test reports, and test reports ageing

- How to analyse existing materials/substance use for WEEE/RoHS Compliance - generate necessary 3R (Reuse/Recycle/Recovery) report for WEEE Registration

- How to meet multiple customers requirements (e.g. SONY/Philips/Nokia, etc.) that are on top and beyond RoHS restrictions?

- How to quickly generate WEEE/RoHS Compliance Reports for hundreds of products with changing suppliers components and keep track of compliance responsibility?

- How to accomplish all the above with minimal investment of resources and time?

Mr. Cheung has been working in the software industry for more than 20+ years.  He founded IMAG as a U.S. based company, doing business in mainland China and Australia, offering software solutions and services for Product Lifecycle Management, Software Development Lifecycle, Innovation Process, etc.  IMAG has 200+ customers in China and Australia.


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