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    大量收購 電腦器材 櫃貨倉貨 手飾鞋類 電子IC 退港廢料 紅酒手袋 手機配件 機械設備 成衣布匹 提供專業銷毀服務 TEL: 9469611324889031 (Mr. Hung) 歡迎致電查詢 @HOITAORESOURCES
    MLT 22 :01 B
    &Evelyrn   Glass bottle,Bottle,Product,Perfume,Liquid
    這兩款每款1400支 BOAB TREE BOAB TREE Shiraz VINTAGE 2013 Cabernet Merlot VINTAGE 2012   Bottle,Glass bottle,Wine bottle,Product,Drink
      Room,Textile,Window covering,Curtain,
      Gadget,Technology,Ipod,Electronic device,Electronics
    ESR47010L2ZETS   Gadget,Mobile phone,Feature phone,Portable communications device,Communication Device

凱濤資源回收有限公司(高價收購大量存貨)電話:94696113 洪生/60503092 黎小姐/13925258080洪先生




銷毀不合格商品、商標、次貨 、機密文件、過期食物處理並獲發環保證書




聯絡電話:  9469 6113 洪生 /  6050 3092  黎小姐 / 13925258080 洪先生

Tel : 2488 9031 / 2365 8620

Fax: (852) 2478 7278

電郵: hoitao94696113@gmail.com

公司網站: http://hoitao.com.hk

公司地址: 粉嶺安全街 廿一號 地下B

工埸地址: 粉嶺布吉仔168地段約
TDRU 2539 96 6 22G LINE DO54 tIT CHT,Building,Facade Cardboard 

DSNEP 4Totally Minnic ane w.suf aud VMoune yyoyoyoY yoya,Cartoon,Font,Illustration,Art,Drawing

MIcron CAUTION This bag ctns Moishre and ectr De sot epse Nati Sensve dees nd in cserd xcept a eted k wih hmidny cen ands 1. Caloulated shet e sealed bag 24 mo t4 h 2 See atached MST Sabel to peas gaage Soty perr 3Ater b ご A s der t spced en the aaced T Sored at10 4 Devices re baking beo A y bcaor Cart-0% ee read 23C Made in o China Singag VSO042AP DP839248VCE aing 4 35 are sot e gis required, dces may be bakes tor 48 hours 135 e temperalure evice con Note shore 25ontainers caneot be sudoesed sretede es are desied,eee od Sto e t Nole: Le and boty semgerare dee y PCIEDEC STD-02 Caution Use Pro 235C Peak Package Body Temp Moisture Level: 3 Condison:< 30 dea. C/60 Floor Life: 168 hours he pe Hroee Moisture Leel 3 Peak Package Body Temp Condition: < 260C 30 deg. Cs0 R Floor Life: 168 hours ル O Package Seal Date: Aug 18 2015 DAMSFLP.11 Operator: HPZHU Micron PART NUBER:(1P) MT41K128M16T-125: ut cnonez HTBP LOT SGEF6351Je19 QTY: 66C NGID OP83924qUCE SPEC MCi s004 Serc REU QARUL QUANTITY 2 DATE: 201532 (1TORMSFLP.11 235C MST: 3 268C ST: 3 BEST PRCK eanaa,Material property

CASA di SUI SUI NALLEY cAUFORNA CABERNEY cO y nees of ee So da sec foh he presson Eny well as CASA di SUI SUIVALLEY CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2009 cArORN ALI,Bottle,Wine bottle,Glass bottle,Product,Drink

COUNTRY OF AasEMBL COUNTRY OF oIFFUSION RELAND MALAYSIA (a)aTY: 1000 SA isoPOWER (90)DATE CODE: 1530/1533. (1T)LOT NUMBER: AM35863,11 e (1P)MFG NO: ADUM5000ARWZ-RL PPRT 0 Caution LEVEL This bag contains 3 MOISTURE-SENSITIVE DEVICES 1.Calculated shelf Life in sealed bag :36 months at <40°C and 90 % relatve humidity (RH) 2.Peak package body temperature: 260°C 3.After bag is opened,devices that will be subjected to reflow solder or other high temperature process must be a) Mounted within 168 hours of factory conditions <30°C/60% RH , or b) Stored per J-STD-033 4.Devices require bake, before mounting, if: a) Humidity Indicator Card reads > 10 % for level 2a-5a devices or > 60 % for level 2 devices when read at 23+/- 5°C b) 3a or 3b not met 5.If baking is required, refer to IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 for bake procedure en el sPARKI1o Bag Seal Date : 09/01/15 Note : Level and body temperature defined by IPCJEDEC J.STD-020 3000 122 LE: 34 (L)To:20 ERJP 14J22 1U 100r-e PREPROX INTELCOR 2472 28GH2 MALAY 1289Ce4,Product

VNDER ioDUIT DE ERAN MARQUIS DE LAROE DUC DE LAR 2014 CORBIERES BOAB TREE BOAB TREE CORBIERES nooAT DEAN 2014 Cabernet Merlot Shiraz VINTAGE 2012 VINTAGE 2013 oT d ree he ng nl ealaneletteo SUisk,Bottle,Glass bottle,Drink,Wine bottle,Product

IN TEL R) CORE 5-3478 SRETB 3.20GHZ MALAY L12886es 1 2 S7 MLT22 018 SENSTV L 124 (L)TO:1520,Electronics,Technology,Electronic device

聚氯乙 HONG'S,Product,Electronics,Metal,

五金, 電子電腦, 環保設備, 其他
支票, 現金
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