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Creative Writer with 12+ years of experience

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Content Creation is core to every business nowadays and you will need to have a quality and reliable partner!

I'm a freelance copywriter with 12 years of experience who is based in Hong Kong and specialize in hospitality, tourism, travel, social media, blogging, F & B, lifestyle, media, marketing & PR fields.

I provide:

  • Copywriting of lifestyle blogs, social media posts, leaflet, brochure, website, printed ad, EDM, editorial, press release, business letters, scripts, etc.
  • Localization writing from Simplified / Taiwan Chinese to Traditional / Hong Kong Chinese
  • Polishing
  • Editing & Proofreading

My major clients:

Allied World, MEIZU, Eu Yan Sang, Expedia, Google, etc.

Look forward to offer you my quality writings!

E: [email protected]
M / Whatsapp: +852 6072 6508
W: https://markcheng26.wixsite.com/onyourmark

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