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Business Development Manager

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JobsRnR(jobsrnr.com)was founded on the simple belief that peer-to-peer referrals represent the strongest form of endorsement. Our goal is to connect employers with qualified and talented job seekers, at lower costs and with greater efficiency. We’ve created this platform to serve all stakeholders in the hiring process: Referrers, Candidates and Employers. The Dashboard enables stakeholders to track Applications, Jobs and Referrals as they progress through various stages.  

Our digital pipeline is reinforced with Specialists, led by experienced Recruitment Consultants, ensuring that we deliver Candidates that match the Employers’ needs. Working closely with our Employers and Referrers, we've received numerous positive feedback and have been able to refine the JobsRnR platform, improving our placement rate massively.

Job Details:

-According to the company's strategy, formulate sales cooperation and implementation plans, actively seek resources, expand customers, and complete business objectives;
-Through various channels, seeking to open up markets of HRs and promote and follow-up implementation cooperation;
-Formulate sales plans, marketing strategies, and organize implementation;
-Effectively follow-up project implementation to ensure the quality of customer service;
-Complete sales targets independently, develop customers, negotiate, and sign contracts to achieve established revenue;
-Provide professional recruitment services to customers, maintain client relationships, communicate solutions to client issues, provide sales solutions for clients, the periodic report on sales work and summary



-Bachelor degree or above
-At least 5 years' experience in corporate sales 
-Strong verbal and written communication skills in English and Chinese and fluent in Mandarin
-Proactive work attitude, good communication skill coordination and business negotiation skills
-Excellent ability to develop new business

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