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Free Pricing (自由訂價) ! Excel Reporting and Analysis

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We are a small business analysis team focus on data analysis and excel report / dashboard construction.


Our objective

1.) Through analyzing business data, we aim at providing business insights or feedback that support your business decision.


2.) We help building easy, understandable, reusable excel report for long-term reporting 



1. Data set provided for analysis

Depends on data type and quality,
→ Data massage - data cleaning to make it analyzable
→ Data grouping like mapping and created extra field for calculation

2. Building excel working

Sheets will be created and organized as a easy understandable working for future reuse

3. Provide output / insights (chart or tables) back to you

An analysis / report (depend on data) will be offered.

Insights like commentary box will be provided alongside that can be used as a reference and supporting business decision.


***All data and report will be strictly kept confidential***



We are start-up and experiencing this new kind of business service.

Hence we welcome trial and free quotation i.e. clients suggest the price after receiving the output. We are grateful to have this try out.


If you are interested, please Email: [email protected]

Or send Facebook message / inbox us (FB page: Excel Report Building)!

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