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Ambience yoga is a Rapidly Developing and Evolving chain of Yoga Studios in Singapore and Penang Island in Malaysia.
After establishing its Flagship Branch in Penang, Malaysia in January 2019, Ambience Yoga's Premiere Singapore Branch was established in December 2019 in King Albert Park Mall in the very heart of the Bukit Timah District in Singapore. 
Now Notoriously known for setting up in locations where there is No Existing Yoga Demographic, Ambience Yoga's Business Model has been to Create ad Shape this Yoga Demographic as a Main Pioneering Branch in those 'Yoga Absent' areas.
In this process, Ambience Yoga has carved Out a Reputation of High Standards of Yoga Instruction as well as Customer Service.
Additionally, it has Spring-Boarded the careers of many Instructors and teachers who have moved on to hold Senior Posts in other Yoga Organisations as part of their Successful Journey of Yoga Teaching and Instruction.
Ambience Yoga was never set up just to be the 'Run-of-the-Mill' Yoga Studio; In fact, Ambience Yoga was Established with Passion and Integrity by 'Think-Out-Of-The-Box' owners with the Passion and Determination to Always be Consistently Progressive and to Avoid Stagnation, both on Business and Personal Levels. The Implications of this is that Ambience Yoga is a Living and Breathing Business which is Always Poised for Further Growth and Development.
To illustrate this point, Ambience Yoga's Owners and Developers are currently planning Yoga Retreats in Amazing Locations in Penang Island in Malaysia. Other Progress Junctures are firmly in place and will only be dispensed unto the Next Owner or Successful Bidder.
Additionally, the Successful Bidder will enjoy the Following advantages of acquiring Ambience Yoga :
  • Ambience Yoga is a Fully Set-Up, Operationally Established and profitable Business.  Simply just Walk In and Take Over the Already Fully Operational Business.
  • No Expense Has been Spared at Any Stage, as High Standards of Construction and Ongoing Maintenance has been Applied to our World-Class Boutique Yoga Studios
  • Ambience Yoga is Positioned for Further Growth and Development. (Implementation Plans and Timelines to be Passed On Openly and Transparently to New Owner!)
  • Absolutely All Business Systems (i.e. Booking and Payment Collection) Fully Established and In Place, Including Staff Management Procedure
  • Business Leverage... Being an Established key Player in the Health, Wellness and Fitness Industry, Ambience Yoga Presents its owners as a Viable Stepping Stone to a Wide range of Business Integration Options; Examples being Biomedical, Holistic Health, and Environmental Businesses ... The Scope of Integration is as Huge as the owner's Imagination...
  • Business and Geopolitical Stability of Ambience Yoga Locations... Singapore is one of the Most Established Economies Regionally Poised for Post Pandemic Economic Growth. Penang is likewise, the Main Economic Powerhouse in Malaysia after Malaysia's Capital City, Kuala Lumpur. Both Locations were Selected with Stability and Growth in Mind, Representing a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity for Foreign Talent to Take over and Dominate, thereby Making your Mark in the Business World!
Reason for Sale: 
Running Ambience Yoga has provided the current Owner/Operator with Leverage opportunities in the Environmental and Entertainment Industry Overseas (See what we mean by 'Leverage Opportunities?)
We therefore are Looking for a Great New Owner to Assume the love and care we have Given this Business which will look after You and Reward You in the Very Ways it has Rewarded us!
Asking Price SG$ 1, 450000.00 for 3 Singapore Branches and 1 Yoga Studio and Cafe in Penang, Malaysia.
Benefits: 2 Company take Overs with Existing Company Tax-Reduction Liability
                 3 Months Rent Coverage for each Branch (Including Cafe) upon Successful Sale.
Contact : kdjsweetlovin@gmail for queries and further info.
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