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Freelance Accountant&Tax Filing 竭誠爲中港澳地區各類企業提供相關會計服務:代爲理賬, 收費特平

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2017-05-13 刊登者: shirley

本人有超過10年的會計工作經驗, 熟悉香港和內地會計工作現竭誠爲中港澳地區各類企業提供相關會計服務:代爲理賬, 收費特便 (根據每月的Transaction數量,低至HK200/元/月.


如需會計服務請聯絡: shirley_zxy@hotmail.com   whatsapp: 62566232

I am an experienced accountant, I worked in accounting over 10 years. I familiar with HK & PRC accounting and taxation systems.
I provide all kinds of accounting service for different kinds of firms by accounting software or manually. The price is reasonable and cheaper (according to the number of transaction). Preparing financial reports and arranging audit. I will pick up accounting documents from you in your convenience;Finish within 3-4 weeks; Prepare annual report  and explain to auditor in detail.

Interested parties please contact with shirley for quotation: shirley_zxy@hotmail.com whatsapp: 62566232


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