PTE Academic 英文精讀班 [附過往試題] 1️⃣ 課堂內容: 考試策略與實戰, 改善港式英語, 免費包括 notes & past paper 2️⃣ 導師背景: PTE 90 分 (滿分), IELTS 8.5, 澳洲碩士生, 能有效協助學生拿取 79+ 級別分數 3️⃣ 費用: 首堂半價, 每堂 1 小時. 課堂亦可於 Zoom / Skype 進行 ✅ 另有提供 IELTS 訓練

plunger and barrel 1 418 325 159 marked 1325-159 plunger for KHD PES3A80D410/3RS1324

Beautifully renovated inside and out. All maintenance is up to date, and she is ready to cruise anywhere in Hong Kong Waters today!
S消閒及娛樂 / 買賣交易Saffron-Cruises

西式豪華遊艇- 西貢遊船河 德國 Bavaria Virtess 420: Times: 10:00am - 4:30pm Price: HK$12,800 Weekend/ $10,800 Weekday Price include fuel to Sai Kung area, crew, ice, float toys Pick up/Drop off: Sai Kung or Pak Sh
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