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Gear Workshop offers professional event production and management services including theme planning

Scale of the event, budget constraint, sourcing equipment, coordination with different crews, there are so many things to think about when preparing an event.
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Investment Proposal

We provide all project financing

We offer you a designated shooting theme and designed album

My Memory Wedding Production House provide high quality photography services of pre-wedding photography

We manage on everything, provide the innovative theme and meaningful concept of your wedding

We make sure you can enjoy every moment of your wedding period, we can perfect your wedding day.

Joyce transfers her creativity & inspirations into: Wedding Theme Design,Wedding Monogram Design,etc

Hello! My name is Joyce & I am the designer & owner of Oh Joyce! This is a place where I share all the things that truly inspire me & also updates of Oh Joyce!

Business Proposal

We require the application of an Individual who is willing to work as an Agent to handle our goods and services from around the world to the USA.Any one from any part of the World can apply so far you
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offering unique event and wedding services

We delegate our passion with the planning, execution and delivery of the most important occasions in your live.

Rosy Decor are custom designed to suit your decor style

We can create a Wedding theme in any colour, material & size with your choice of lighting options.

Rosy Décor

Services include : Wedding Ceremony, Backdrops, Ceiling Canopies, Head Table Decor, Centerpieces, Chair Covers, Lighting, Invitations card design.

We will transform your venue into a paradise that honours your style

Our fantastic selection of products and services will add great style and elegance to your wedding.

Our theme of business is " YOUR VIEW , WE PRODUCE "

Amazing Specialist Production Co. Ltd is a innovative company specialising in manufacturing custom designed accessories & gifts. we can assist you to develope your own accessory line , manufactur

Tiara offers a comprehensive range of wedding services to tailor

services: Wedding Design , Decorations, Wedding Attire, Venue Management, Budget Management, Photography & Videography.

United Vacations Theme Packages

United Vacations Theme Packages Code Theme Booking UV_PRGAR_002_6DEC(NEW) Caribbean-7 Nights Western Caribbean fly cruise(Ticket Must Be Issued on/before 29 Feb 08) UV_PRGOL_003_6DEC(NEW) Alaska-7 Ni

resorts worldwide for both your leisure and business travel needs

Tour Packages, Attractions & Theme Park Tickets: Asiatravel.com has recently launched our All-Inclusive Holiday Packages, standalone.

specialist for both leisure and business travel in Asia

We offer a reliable One-Stop Service for travelers to find the Best Value for Hotel Rooms, Flight Tickets, Holiday Packages, Sightseeing Tours as well as Theme Park Tickets.


我們均由 設計出身,感觀特別!女攝影師、各類型攝影、高水準錄影、後期製作、平面設計、書藉設計及發行。私人攝影一條龍服務、Per-Wedding、廣告、Event、BB及孕婦、Fashion、3D等。承接各類型工作,歡迎查詢!電話:9506 6566

Heiox Design Ltd.

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we shall spend great efforts to understand the requirements of client

Founded in 1989, we have accumulated years of extensive experience in every aspect of interior design and project management, particularly in turnkey projects.
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