C&G is going to help develop new flavors in the local art scene, use art to respond to social and cultural issues, and provide art education programs for the public.
C消閒及娛樂 / 好去處C&G藝術單位:油畫、素描課程

C&G Artpartment is a Hong Kong based art space with two portions: an art exhibition space and a visual art education unit.
C消閒及娛樂 / 藝術及手工藝C&G藝術單位:油畫、素描課程

Although the grand vision to build this three in one facility comprising country club, golf and marina facilities.
旅遊 / 遊樂會及渡假村清水灣高爾夫球鄉村俱樂部

結婚布公仔量身訂造,可錄聲音,可變換服飾造型,搭配套件,各種款式,擁有屬於自己的迷你公仔~make your own dolls !

100% 實體本地運作,已參與 700+學術論文指導與支援項目,絕非網站式外判中介。查詢報價: order@dcwahk.com / 6693-4106 了解更多: http://www.dcwahk.com. Essay, Assignment, Dissertation, Thesis, SPSS 指導與支援.

Style Product Design Co is a high-tech, full service product development firm. Our philosophy is “with solid foundations and state-of-the-art technology, we mean quality and service”. Est
設計 / 產品設計時式產品設計公司

Glass Bottle and PET Bottle mineral still and sparkling water from New Zealand - OnePure in Hong Kong. Free Delivery for order over $500

MR TAM 9343 8314 Education and Professional Achievements: A graduate from University of Hong Kong, Department of Music, Mr. Thoman Tam studied piano performance with eminent teacher Mr. Gabriel Kwok
M音樂 / 教學進修Mr. Thoman Tam

室內設計, 大, 中, 細形住宅, 辦公室, 商店, 酒吧, 花園; 助客飲食業出牌顧問服務, 酒吧, 咖啡店等等..
設計 / 室內設計Gasefa Interior Design Contruction Ltd.

Thanksgiving is the best time to share with children the idea of being grateful and giving thanks to people around them. In this one day workshop we will share this idea and give them the opportunity

灣仔三里屯, 灣景中心, 全新裝修 高層全海景1房2廳,包差管 交通方便, 家電齊 (37"大電視, 雪櫃, 洗衣機, 微波爐, 大床,衣櫃,鞋櫃 全新冷氣機,煮食爐,熱水爐,抽油煙機, 梳化) 適合公司客戶,專業人仕 (業主放租 $20,000) 梁太 WhatsApp 9800 2607

PLAY bridges the gap in the market between private lounge clubs and late night venues.
p消閒及娛樂 / 酒吧playclub123

商業 / 印刷嘉藝天虹包裝

Face Painting, Temporary tattoos, Henne arts and Special make-up are great additions to any family day, party, festival and carnival. 無論是家庭聚會、派對、節日或嘉年會,面部彩繪、臨時紋身、印度彩繪和特殊化妝都是一個很好的項目。 Marco Tomato & R
R美容 / 化妝Remex Wu

One-on-one tutoring conducted in English or in Chinese (Cantonese) by a high quality part-time instructor who got a PhD in Physics from a world renowned university. Available mornings, afternoons and
H教學進修 / 補習Hung Sir

創Z世代致力培育學生於科技領域的發展。我們以提供一個愉快及有趣的學習環境讓學生打好電腦基礎作為使命。 At GenZ - Makers we are devoted to nurture students in the aspect of technology. Our goal is to provide an affordable and accessible mean to let stud
G設計 / 網頁設計GenZ - Makers
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