24-hour Emergency Service Knowing who to contact in an emergency can save an animal's life. For 24-hours inspectorate or out of hours veterinary emergency services please call our hotline: 27111000.
S寵物 / 獸醫Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

We provide comprehensive veterinary services which include: *X-ray *Electrocardiography *In-house Laboratory: Blood Analysis and Microscopy *Fully Equipped Surgery Including Orthopaedic and Spinal Eq
寵物 / 獸醫城市獸醫動物及珍禽異獸醫院

Welcome to The Asia Company ( HK ) Ltd., please sit back and enjoy our introduction and tour to our home page. Established in 1954, still remain the leading company in oil painting industry in Hong K
消閒及娛樂 / 藝術及手工藝香港震亞有限公司

--> PS-O002 可愛夾便器,附有紙巾格 顏色:淺藍 尺寸:約16 x 10cm 售價:$60 (包本地郵費) *如買家選擇郵寄需承擔寄失風險,買家可 另付HKD$13作本地掛號 (HK$13不包括郵費)。 http://hk.f1.page.auctions.yahoo.com/hk/auction/1113354030?u=cpsdap
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