Wai Ming Hong was developed by Mr William Yu in Hong Kong since 1989. William started food trading at the beginning of his business. He is exploring the potential market endlessly. Nowadays, Wai Ming

The Last Minute concept is about spontaneity, lifestyle and fun! Our site provides you with ideas, products and services for your fast paced life. Check out the travel and entertainment and take off
L旅遊 / 遊樂會及渡假村Lastminute.com.HK Ltd

Sensual Skin 是一間網上商店。 這裡出售的美容產品都是經我們精心挑選,不含基因改造或有害的化學物;個別產品更獲得特殊的認證(有機認證/不使用殘忍的動物測試/適合素食主義者)。請click 入我們的網站 www.sensualskin.com.hk 瀏覽,Happy Shopping! Sensual Skin is an online retail store. The produc
S美容 / 化妝Sensual Skin

Clean Air Services ( CAS ), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Clean Air Group (HK) Ltd., has engaged in air-conditioning design, installation and maintenance since the eighties. To cope with the todays
C商業 / 清潔及滅蟲Clean Air Services

About P & L Associates The history of P & L Associates begins in 1989 when Mr. Allan Luk and Mr. Harry Tsui, the founders of the Company, started their software development programme for CSA,
P手機電腦互聯網 / 程式編寫P and L Associates

ABOUT US As an I.T. solution provider, Foresight Technology Co. Ltd. offer cost-effective and total solutions that enable companies to achieve smooth business result. Foresight Tech. concentrates on
手機電腦互聯網 / 程式編寫科思信息技術有限公司

Bai Li Company was found in 2001 and developed garment machinery. Selling networks and service stations cover many cities in China and oversea countries. The main office is in Hong Kong and manufactu
B商業 / 清潔及滅蟲Bai Li Company

As a professional trade media in Hong Kong, Global Sources Publications Ltd. has been promoting global trade between worldwide buyers & suppliers for over two decades by offering first-hand marke
G商業 / 會社、組織及團體Global Sources Publications Ltd.

About Us Being an advance information system developer, 3S understands that rapid social changes and developments are imperative to development of all sectors and industries, whether public and /or p

Avivasoft Limited About Us Founded in 2003 to develop & deploy a powerful integrated web-based messaging and collaboration application. Avivasoft is privately held and headquartered in Hong Kong.
手機電腦互聯網 / 程式編寫天工軟件有限公司

Featured Products for Valentine's Day Kiss Rose with matching flowers and Green 典雅花束, 帶給她無限的欣喜。 Surprise Rose, Chamelaucium & Chocolate 給您的摯愛一份驚喜,一份濃情,留下?En的回憶,共同分享。 Sweetheart Contents gourmet-baske
A鮮花及禮籃 / 帛事鮮花Albany Floral & Gifts Design

NetMon Information Systems Ltd. is a leading value-added distributor of many cutting edge security technology solutions and products. Founded in 1999, NetMon is providing computer network security so
手機電腦互聯網 / 程式編寫科研資訊系統有限公司

Our Story Since its inception in 1997, Gift Creative has become an industry leader in fashion-forward gifts, candles and accessories for the home. Our goal, as your partner, is to assist in the growt
消閒及娛樂 / 藝術及手工藝創美禮品有限公司

Pan-Art Oil Paintings Co. Ltd. is a global wholesale supplier of oil paintings and frames based in Hong Kong, China. We provide original and reproduction oil paintings ranging from commercial to muse
P消閒及娛樂 / 藝術及手工藝Pan-Art Oil Paintings Co. Ltd

Company profile United Networks is operated by United Network Solutions Limited, which was formed by I.T. experienced professionals with over 18 years backgrounds in information systems management an

Ticks & Fleas Control of these skin parasites is extremely important as they can cause skin irritation or allergy, and ticks can carry serious diseases. Fleas are very difficult to control as the
t寵物 / 獸醫taiwaiexotic

We provide all kinds of surgeries, vaccinations, body checks, hospitalization, well-equipped operating rooms, pet food & products. There are parking spaces around the hospital for patients with c
A寵物 / 獸醫Australia Veterinary Hospital

Fresh Flower 以下花球價錢已包括襟花及碎頭花 . Product No: FHR312 秀球;白玫;香檳玫 Product No: FL2011 手扎馬蹄蘭;桔梗;小象耳;綠豆. $480.00 $530.00 Product No: FL412 手扎馬蹄蘭;桔梗;綠豆. Product No: FLR2011 手扎馬蹄蘭;桔梗;小象耳;綠豆;羽毛. $530.00 $550.00
S鮮花及禮籃 / 新娘花球Sun Flower Decoration Company

Venue Decoration Address: 陳列室-旺角彌敦道745-747號 太子金都中心 6樓B室 ( 太子 地鐵站) Office Hour : Monday to Saturday 2:00pm to 8:00pm,星期日休息 Web-site: httP://www.wedding-products.com E-mail : [email protected]
S鮮花及禮籃 / 新娘花球Sun Flower Decoration Company

元朗泰祥街9-15號地下D舖 Shop D, G/F 9-15 Tai Cheong Street, Yuen Long, N.T. Tel: 24791813 Email: [email protected] 新張期內 免費檢查及折扣優惠 服務包括: 電療, 超聲波,牽引 Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound, Traction 針炙 Acupunc
E健康及醫療 / 康復Ease Physiotherapy 醫匯物理治療
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