Expanding Internet applications service provider for Beauty and Education Industries invites the qualified candidates for the following vacancies.

Fresh, dynamic and experienced, Easy Home is a world-class property agency committed to providing its clients w ith the highest professional standard of service.

家居 / 室內設計及裝修2plus4designltd

We are solution provider which have the following project experience: - HR solution - Ordering system - Account system - ERP solution - Software engineering - System design and implementation Please c
S手機電腦互聯網 / 程式編寫System Application

3D Rendering,3D效果圖,室內設計,Residential Design,裝修住宅設計,傢私訂造,香港設計師,餐廳設計

Yan To Studio MURAL ART-室內/室外壁畫設計,手繪壁畫服務

Explosion-proof RX70 incremental encoders with an aluminium housing have been designed specifically for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

-實惠價錢,創建網站 -同時開發電腦,平板電腦及手機版本網站 -包括網路營銷及搜尋引擎最佳化(SEO) -中國大陸可正常瀏覽 -提供響應式設計(Responsive)及內容管理工具 -快速開發 -容易管理,降低客戶成本 -提供免費管理培訓

表演藝術 / 設備出租Superior Production Limited

擁有龐大陣容 | 長期合作 | Support 大批量快速出圖
設計 / 室內設計Viz-hub 味道图像

海景住它, 享受高級會所, 樓下超市, 近港鐵, 消閒交通購物方便

852.hk.cn 直徑5x19.2CM 家用智能投影儀 K5H main selling points : 1. Simple Round Shape , 2. Aluminum Housing: Imported aluminum material CNC unibody as metal jacket, highlighted CNC edge, sturdy and durable h
買賣及批發 / 電子產品美馳1111 電器

送pre-owned PEAVEY Bass Amp, 鼓棍, 即買即玩 大埔區自取, 任試. 此鼓主機部份運作100%正常, 收音部份如cymbal擦片等, 因屬損耗品, 音色當然不能和全新品比較, 合初學者練習
g音樂 / 器材買賣goldretr11

Description JobsRnR(jobsrnr.com)was founded on the simple belief that peer-to-peer referrals represent the strongest form of endorsement. Our goal is to connect employers with qualified and talented
商業 / 顧問Kobe Yung

Avivasoft Limited About Us Founded in 2003 to develop & deploy a powerful integrated web-based messaging and collaboration application. Avivasoft is privately held and headquartered in Hong Kong.
手機電腦互聯網 / 程式編寫天工軟件有限公司
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