The Last Minute concept is about spontaneity, lifestyle and fun! Our site provides you with ideas, products and services for your fast paced life. Check out the travel and entertainment and take off
L旅遊 / 遊樂會及渡假村 Ltd

生誠殯儀服務提供各類寵物及先人玉石骨灰盅及不同種類的殯儀服務組合,經濟實惠。 歡迎至電: 林生6821-8021 或 陳生9427-2111 或登入網址
個人及社區 / 殯儀 - 殯儀服務生誠殯儀用品

Melrose Flower 6628 4330 Lois Yam We provide wedding flowers & planning services,flower arrangement, event decoration, gift bouquets& baskets etc. Order 2 months in advance
M鮮花及禮籃 / 新娘花球Melrose Florist HK

Ticks & Fleas Control of these skin parasites is extremely important as they can cause skin irritation or allergy, and ticks can carry serious diseases. Fleas are very difficult to control as the
t寵物 / 獸醫taiwaiexotic

們的服務 Order Now Flower Shop ( 網上訂花 ) 是香港一個追上時代尖端既花網。 我們的服務除了提供歐,日特色花束, 恭賀花籃,絲花及乾花設計,生果禮籃,婚禮/教堂佈置外,更提供新娘化裝和攝影等等多項服務。 透過本( 網上訂花 ) 訂購任何產品,無論在香港任何地方,都會準時送到。( 網上訂花 ) 每個產品都是由我們既專業花藝設計師精心設
A鮮花及禮籃 / 帛事鮮花Alive Floral & Decoration Co.

美甲課程 專業美甲師全方位證書課程 60小時 $13800 , 課程內容: 指甲理論 產品知識 美甲師專業操守 美甲行業簡介 指甲修飾及手部 SPA 護理 趾甲修飾及腳部 SPA 護理 GEL 甲基礎技術 GEL 甲延長技術 GEL 甲紙托延長技術 GEL 花款設計技術 GEL 甲修補及卸除技術 水晶甲基礎技術 水晶甲延長技術 水晶甲紙托延長技術 水晶花款設計技術 水晶3D立體花款設計技術 水晶
p美容 / 教學進修poyi76maggie

W美容 / 髮型設計及護髮Wingkason Company Limited

化妝, 課程, 學, 髮型, 造型, 新娘化妝, 星級, out job, makeup, image, hairstyling
R美容 / 教學進修Rose makeup academy

JP Nails 日本美甲教室 課程編號 : JPN 003 全能職業美甲師證書課程 全期學費: $5680 共8節每節3小時 總時間24小時 以上費用已包上堂用料及考試費用,如學員須另外補堂亦不會另外收費 本店所有課堂皆為單一美甲導師以一對一形式教學,單美甲導由第一堂教到考試,此舉其實有助於學員學習導師可跟據學員既進度編制更加適合該學員之課程,上堂時間任君選擇,唯以先到先得形式 入學資格 :
j美容 / 教學進修jp_nails

Wedding Flower - Rose Corsage 婚禮絲花用品 - 玫瑰襟花及腕花 Material: Pongee We have2 colours available. Colour: Peach(桃), Pink(粉紅) Delivery Time: 1 week This rose corsage is recommended to be used for wedding an
F鮮花及禮籃 / 新娘花球

Buy 3 get 1 free! Twilight Turtle - Constellation Nightlight Transform Any Room Into A Starry Night Sky The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval 2006 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice iP

這客人是做手臂 20 次 這客人做肚腩30次 RF 通淋巴修身儀 CU-555機打脂 收緊 CU-555 收緊 CU-555烕脂 冷熱束身纖體 CU-555淋巴 減肥GEL 深層燒脂GEL瘦身 打脂肪機 試做價$100
美容 / 纖體修身 my_melody0714

ITOS Resources aims to provide a wide range of IT technical supports and solutions to varies kinds of business and organization. By providing a single point of contact to clients for resolving all pr

We are a one stop solution provider, always young at heart and dynamical. Innovation is the wellspring of Ocean Unicorn growth. To consolidate our market influence, Ocean Unicorn has established a co
手機電腦互聯網 / 程式編寫海麟科技有限公司

EPRO Systems Limited (EPRO), a listed company in Hong Kong, has a subsidiary group of companies offering a full range of services and solutions in the IT&C filed. Established in 1985 in Hong Kong
手機電腦互聯網 / 程式編寫易寶系統有限公司

Heartworm Heartworm is a parasitic disease that affects dogs. The adult worm lives in the heart and the arteries to the lung. The worms are several inches long and cause much inflammation and irritat
t寵物 / 獸醫taiwaiexotic

Petsit Singapore Services offered by Petsit Singapore • Daily Pet sitting visits to your home to check on your pets while you’re on holiday or out of town on business trips • Taking y
P寵物 / 獸醫PETSIT
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