Spanish🇪🇸Portuguese🇵🇹Tutor from Brazil🇧🇷 私人西班牙語🇪🇸葡萄牙語🇵🇹教師來自巴西🇧🇷 Hi everyone, Im from Brazil. Im living in Hong Kong and Im a private spanish and portuguese tutor, I also can teach english.

有無人想學葡萄牙語?巴西華僑(有香港永久居民身份證).香港出生, 3歲隨父母移居巴西聖保羅市(巴西第一大城市).男, 57歲. 準大學程度葡萄牙文. 全程葡萄牙語教授(老師本人只識少許中英文). 和學英語一樣, 全程葡萄牙語教授反而令學習更快(配合有中文解釋的專業教材($250)), 上門教授, 每課兩小時, $500(全包價). 請電 或 whatsapp 93018025 (蘇老師) 直徑5x19.2CM 家用智能投影儀 K5H main selling points : 1. Simple Round Shape , 2. Aluminum Housing: Imported aluminum material CNC unibody as metal jacket, highlighted CNC edge, sturdy and durable h
買賣及批發 / 電子產品美馳1111 電器

Did you know over 60% of all English words came from Latin or Greek? People who have knowledge of either (or both) of these languages generally have better command of English, because they have develo

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