Fujifilm Mini-Squash Scheme 2005/2006 - Carnival (20 Mar) Title-sponsored by FUJIFILM , the 8th " Fujifilm Mini-Squash Scheme 2005/2006 - CARNIVAL " run successfully at the Kowloon Park, Mini-Soccer

Our vision is to deliver competitive advantages for enterprises and government organizations to progress by optimizing their information systems efficiency. C&T has the experience and knowledge o
I手機電腦互聯網 / 程式編寫IPL Research Limited

We are a small cattery located in Hong Kong. We specialized in producing both Himalayan & Exotics, including colorpoint & lynx point. We are not a pet store and do not provide “stuck se

Kibby Lau Barbilia L. Natalie S. Fiona Fung Mandaline C. Holly H. Wai Lui Jai Day Gesche H. Andrea N. Crewsmodel is a full-service modeling and casting agency with a network of qualified and talented
C美容 / 形象顧問Crewsmodel

Christine M. Koo & Ip, Solicitors & Notaries is a Hong Kong law firm established in 1992. The scope of practice includes, but is not limited to, insurance and pension, banking, trust, conveya
C商業 / 法律事務Christine M.Koo & Ip, Solicitors & Notaries 顧張文菊律師行

Contact Us The New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is located at New Zealand Focus 439-445 Hennessy Road Causeway Bay Hong Kong Tel: + 852 2536 4469 Fax: + 852 2810 9068 E-mail: exec@nzcchk.
N商業 / 會社、組織及團體New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Mok Luk Kee Metal Work Foundry has been in brassware business since 1964. In 1988 we expanded into manufacture to China at Dung Kuan. Our products are specialized in various brass and aluminum alloy
消閒及娛樂 / 藝術及手工藝莫六記五金鑄造製品廠有限公司

Established in 1989, Infocan's business focus is to provide information technology enabling and skills transfer services to organization users. Enable means to turn hardware and software products int
I手機電腦互聯網 / 程式編寫Infocan Computer (H.K.) Ltd.

誠 徵 - 女模特兒 及 攝影師 MODELS WANTED FOR 2009 香港工展會 時裝設計展 The 44th Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo Fair FASHION SHOW LOOKING FOR A MODEL TO PRESENT OUTFIT ON CATWALK **On one of HK’s most attended

掌握改變!成為別人眼中的 魅力情人 ! Website: http://www.btlforyou.com/consultant/Annie ( 現已多達 500 多張相片供參考 ) Skin Reborn !! 28天肌膚重生及日常化妝工作坊 每一種美容護膚品都有一套自己的理論,真不知該聽那一套的! " 28天肌膚重生法 " 讓妳自我認識到肌膚護理之基本因素後,再配合其它如:中醫、西醫、專業美
s美容 / 教學進修sharingblue

King Sturge is a leading supplier of property and related services in the commercial market including the industrial, office and retail & leisure sectors. These services include agency, asset man

Birki's Baby Socks 嬰兒鞋 現貨零售 請於以下時間直接到來購買 星期一至五 5:00pm - 7:00pm 星期六 10:00am - 4:00pm Shop business hours: Monday - Friday: 5:00pm - 7:00pm Saturday: 10:00am - 4:00pm 如選擇郵寄方式: 銀行轉帳付款 本地郵政速遞郵費 : Baby So

S 01 Rememberance Order Now Description HKD small HKD medium HKD large Hydrangea, Casa Blanca, Roses, Anthurium $795 $995 $1,195 S02 Thoughts Order Now Description HKD small HKD medium HKD large Casa
B鮮花及禮籃 / 帛事鮮花Blooms N' Baskets

Who we are? A World Class Environmental and Health-care Products' Distributor. The core business focuses mainly on distributorship and marketing of various environmental and health care consumer &amp

Hong Kong Model Club 是 由一群熱心於人像攝影的朋友所組成。創會目的是期望聚集一群志同道合的影友彼此交流攝影的心得。 本會除了定期邀請富國際工作經驗的模特兒參與活動,更會舉辦不同的攝影活動好讓會員精進技術。 由 1/4/06 至 31/12/06 推廣期內 免費 申請入會 - 按此 成為會員 Hong Kong Model Club 11 份活動: 秋天的童畫上集 ( 翻版栢
H攝影及影音 / 節目及活動Hong Kong Model Club

五行動物針灸 5 Elements Veterinary Acupuncture Services Dr. Grace Li BSc BVMS MRCVS MBMAS MVBMA PFG (U Sydney) Vet Derm Cert. IVAS Cert. Dip Acup (HKU SPACE) Tin Hau Pet Hospital Shop B, G/F, Wilson Court,
寵物 / 獸醫五行動物針灸

Let's Share Your Dream Wedding - We Provide Services for Gubahan Hantaran FreshFlowers & Artificial Flowers Hand Bouquet for brides, bridesmaid n flower girls Gubahan Sirih Junjung Hall Deco - Fr

We are a full service law firm founded in Hong Kong in 1985. As one of the first law firms licensed by the PRC Ministry of Justice to establish two law offices in the People's Republic of China, in B
V商業 / 法律事務Vcc Law Services

Mission Statement We believe that flowers and plants on earth are the most peaceful creations. Their riches in varieties, forms, colours & textures underline the foundation of the inspiration of
G鮮花及禮籃 / 園藝及盆栽Greenfingers Florist

掌握改變!成為別人眼中的 魅力情人 ! Website: http://www.btlforyou.com/consultant/Annie ( 現已多達 500 多張相片供參考 ) 專業美容化妝師 Annie Siu 從旁為妳指導,特別專注幫妳了解自己的面形線條特性, 讓你在 找到屬於自己外在形象特質, 創造非人人可的個別化妝技巧 !! 讓您成為受大眾歡迎,由內到外散發魅力的理想情人! Ann
s美容 / 教學進修sharingblue
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