We aim at continuously upgrading floral service standards to serve our prestige customers. We are totally committed in teamwork. customer satisfaction.
G鮮花及禮籃 / 新娘花球Greenfingers Florist

Traditional marketing methods are not enough to cope with the laterest internet development.
A手機電腦互聯網 / 程式編寫Artplus International Ltd.

We provides a wide range of services including hair, make-up, manicure, pedicure, professional hair products (including Milbon & Lebel Cosmetics – the most preferred hair care products in Japan)
K美容 / 教學進修Ken Qi Private-i Salon

Tattoo art ~ contains every tattoo artist's personal knowledge, thought, experience, wisdom and ability!

Car Trading Provide local or imported second cars and all vehicles by The maintenance of professional inspection before for sale in order to market buyers do not need to do any repair .
汽車及電單車 / 美容及清潔精銳汽車公司

Design for sustainability Design management Fibers Industrial design Jewelry and objects Service design FASHION Accessory design Fashion Fashion marketing
T設計 / 教學進修The University for Creative Careers

Professional Image and Beauty Services Consultation Personal Image Design Professional Image and Attire Make-up & Hair Style Design Personal Body Type Personality Style Grooming Color Analysis

Dear Sir or Madam: We are much obliged to you for reading this mail in your busy time!We avail ourselves of this opportunity to write to you and see if we can establish business relationship whit you
w設計 / 電腦動畫www.shane-studio.cn

Global Win Vehicle Co., Ltd. from China, is a subsidiary company of WKK group, Our group wholly controls or partly invests into 5 factories which are having more than 50 various products in 5 series

Quixotic Gallery Your Photos onto Canvas Hanging art in your home adds the perfect finishing touch to your interior, allowing you to express your style and reflect your personality. Quixotic Gallery

ALTFIELD Gallery Since we opened our first gallery in 1982,ALTFIELD has been one of Hong Kong's leading dealers in fine antique Chinese furniture,Southeast Asian sculpture and decorative works of art

☞ ♡ 絕對信心保證 ♡ ☜ ★ 專業, 誠實, 免煩惱 ★ 家居裝修, 裝修工程, 公司裝修, 室內設計, 大小裝修工程我們為你服務! 強制驗窗計劃驗窗,新界村屋僭建物申報服務提供安全證明書Business Services:Interior Decoration & Design,Kitchen Cabinet,Furniture design & installation
W家居 / 室內設計及裝修World-Tech Construction

室內設計,家居設計,辦公室設計,寫字樓設計,裝修工程,屋企裝修,傢俬訂造,Interior Design,Renovation,Furniture,Re-Decoration,Office Furniture,Residence Renovation,Tailor Made Furniture
I設計 / 室內設計Innotec Asia (HK) Limited

本公司一直以務實及忠誠服務態度,承造超過四百多個專業室內設計、家居設計、家居佈置及優質裝修工程。縱然市面上室內設計及承造公司林立,本公司仍與廣大客戶保持長期客戶關係。我們準備了不同類型的個案圖片讓各位參考。如希望進一步與本公司洽談合作事宜,包括上門勘察和報價!Our services include residential, office, lab decoration & renovation

◆◆◆ 提供一站式室內設計、裝修、裝飾、冷氣及水電工程等專業服務 ◆◆◆ 本公司之專業設計及裝修工程團隊具有二十多年從事各類住宅、寫字樓及工業廠房等的設計及室內外裝修裝飾工程施工經驗,始終以誠實守信為經營理念,踏實的工作態度、優良的工藝及完善的跟蹤服務,加上合理的工程報價,故一直都得到客戶長期支持。無論您所托付的工程大小,本公司都會盡心盡責為您服務,與您共同創造出舒適而又滿意的理想家居及工作空間。
設計 / 室內設計AULEX 室內設計裝飾公司

家居 / 室內設計及裝修AULEX 室內設計裝飾公司

◆◆◆ 提供一站式室內設計、裝修、冷氣及水電工程等專業服務 ◆◆◆ 本公司之專業設計及裝修工程團隊具有二十多年從事各類住宅、寫字樓及工業廠房等的設計及室內外裝修裝飾工程施工經驗,始終以誠實守信為經營理念,踏實的工作態度、優良的工藝及完善的跟蹤服務,加上合理的工程報價,故一直都得到客戶長期支持。無論您所托付的工程大小,本公司都會盡心盡責為您服務,與您共同創造出舒適而又滿意的理想智能家居及工作空間。
商業 / 裝修工程AULEX 室內設計裝飾公司

The company is providing interior design services (Interior design only), participating in different interior design for residential, restaurant and office......etc.
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